CCP letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer

A letter written by CCP associate director Paul Sherman ran in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.  The letter responds to an Inquirer editorial that advocates for burdensome campaign finance regulation.  Click the headline to read Paul’s letter.

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The Importance of Davenport v. Washington Education Association

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion in Davenport v. Washington Education Association, upholding a Washington law that prohibits the state’s public sector unions from spending non-member agency fees on political activity without those non-members first granting their consent. Supporters of campaign finance regulation had hoped to use the case as justification for further restrictions on political speech, but today’s opinion, even while upholding the Washington law, dashes the hopes of the anti-speech community.  To read more quick analysis, click the headline. 

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CCP Chairman Brad Smith in Politico

CCP Chairman Brad Smith is featured in a Politico article that outlines the connections that Barack Obama and John Edwards have to the lobbying community.

Click the headline to read an excerpt from the story.

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Closer Than We Think, Part III: Citizens as Sovereign? Or Empowering Paternalism?

Whether the Supreme Court soon rules in favor of the government or WRTL, victory for the advocates of either speech or “reform” will lie in the test the Court promulgates.  For it is the test that will determine whether decisions about speech are to be kept in the hands of citizens through objective criteria or ministered “disinterestedly” by agencies in case-by-case assessments of subjective criteria.

The chance that the Court could get this wrong puts the “reformers” closer than we think to a victory in WRTL II, even if they lose.

Part I is here.

Part II is here.

Click on the headline to read more. 


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FEC Nominations Hearing

At 10:00 AM today the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration will conduct hearings on nominations to the FEC.  You can click HERE for live video streaming of the hearing.

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Comments of CCP Vice President Steve Hoersting on Hybrid Communications

Written comments  of CCP Vice President Steve Hoersting on a June 8, 2007 message to the Federal Election Commission on the topic of hybrid communications.

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Are 527s a Problem? Apparently not, according to Democracy 21

For over three years, Democracy 21 has been in a snit over independent "527" organizations.  Now, we learn it was all a bluff – according to this Democracy 21 release, they’re really pretty trivial.  What was that Emily Litella used to say?  "Never mind."

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Law & Policy in Campaign Finance Discourse

One of the more annoying things about public campaign finance discourse – and one reason, we think, that the public is so confused about the actual state of the law – is the tendency of the so-called "reform" community to define its views as "the law," and any competing views as "a failure to enforce the law."  This approach is on display in the latest posting from the Campaign Legal Center’s Executive Director, Gerry Hebert.  Click the headline to read more on why Hebert’s posts should be taken with a grain shaker of salt.

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Dissembling About the FEC – or Why the Public Knows So Little About Campaign Finance

J. Gerald Hebert, Executive Director of the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), is out dissembling in the Politico this morning.  Hebert tells the Politico’s Ken Vogel that the FEC’s structure is, "“a system that’s built to deadlock.”

This statement is a fraud on the public, by someone who ought to know better.  Click the headline to read more.

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Commission Recommendations Undermine Political Process

Today, in Harrisburg, the Speaker’s Commission on Legislative Reform voted to recommend changes to Pennsylvania’s campaign finance system that undermine the political process in Pennsylvania.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.