Broadcast Fairness Act

The Hill reports that House Republicans are considering launching a discharge petition to force a vote on the "Broadcaster Freedom Act."

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Fred Thompson defends right to petition the government

While Fred Thompson may still be uncertain as to his position on the speech-supressing "McCain-Feingold" campaign finance law, he unequivocally defends the First Amendment right to petition the government.

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Using campaign finance laws to silence speech

For the second time in a month, campaign finance laws in North Carolina are being used in an effort to silence political speech. 

Previously, CCP wrote about a "cobbled" campaign finance law that was preventing the Henderson County Republican Party from selling apple cobbler at the community Apple Festival in order to raise money for the local party.  Now, CCP learns that a citizen group is under investigation by the state Board of Elections after daring to criticize one of the state’s political parties.

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CCP comments on FEC rulemaking

CCP has published its comments on the FEC’s WRTL rulemaking.

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Comments of CCP Vice President Steve Hoersting on WRTL Rulemaking

Written comments of CCP Vice President Steve Hoersting on a October 1, 2007 message to the Federal Election Commission on the topic of WRTL rulemaking.

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CCP in Citizen Magazine

CCP’s Stephen Hoersting and Bradley Smith are both quoted extensively in an article in Citizen Magazine that analyzes the Supreme Court’s WRTL decision.

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Campaign Finance Red Tape: Strangling Free Speech & Political Debate

Raymond J

Twenty-four states provide citizens the ability to make laws directly through ballot measures. However, these states also strictly restrict the First Amendment rights of citizens to speak out about these ballot measures. As such, various disclosure requirements result in complex registration and reporting requirements that are difficult for even the most highly educated citizens to decipher. In an effort to prove this, the author used an innovative experiment, where a sample of 255 citizens was asked to complete actual disclosure forms. Unsurprisingly, not one person completed the forms correctly. Using these findings, the author argues that these disclosure laws are both unnecessary and an obstacle to the free speech guaranteed to all.

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