Ohio’s law limiting issue ads is an affront to free speech

Over the weekend the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an editorial in support of Ohio Right to Life’s challenge to the "minefield of Ohio law’s passed in the name of campaign finance reform that really protect the state’s political class from being hectored in ways and at times they find uncomfortable."

The Plain Dealer declares that "Anyone who believes in vigorous public debate should be rooting for its success."

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CCP Influence Growing

We pause briefly to toot our own horn, sing our own praises, pat ourselves on the back (which is not easy to do all at once), and mostly to thank our supporters.

In May, over 21,000 separate visits were made to CCP’s web site, not exactly in the realm of the Daily Kos or Instapundit but our best total ever and we think quite good for a wonkish specialty site.  May saw CCP on C-Span’s Washington Journal, quoted in the New York Times, the International Herald-Tribune, and our writings appearing in the Baltimore Sun, the Milwaukee Sentinel, the and the Bergen (NJ) Record, among many others.  This past week I was interviewing with Fox News and ABC News for programs that will be airing down the road.  Ohio Right to Life v. Ohio Elections Commission, filed this month (in which CCP represents plaintiff Ohio Right to Life) gained headlines across the country, from New York to Seattle.  We are especially pleased, though, by the number of journalists now contacting CCP for background information on stories. 

We thank all of our friends, supporters, and advisors, and those citizens and journalists who are willing to take the time to learn about campaign finance and free speech issues, and look forward to continuing growth.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.