A bit of irony

Just days removed from a victory at the Supreme Court, congressional hopeful Jack Davis was dealt a blow when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would support Iraq veteran Jon Powers in the Democratic primary.

The DCCC certainly has the freedom to support whomever it wishes in primary fights, and now, thanks to the Supreme Courts ruling, Jack Davis has the freedom to spend his own money on his behalf without penalty.

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CCP welcomes new Government and Coalition Relations Director

CCP welcomes Kristi Meade as our new Government & Coalition Relations Director.  Kristi most recently worked for Purdue University’s Office of Governmental Relations, working on federal affairs.  Before becoming the voice of Purdue in DC, Kristi worked at the Leadership Institute. While at LI, Kristi worked with students throughout the mid-Atlantic to help them develop plans to engage politically on college campuses. She also aided in the cultivation of LI’s donor base. Kristi graduated from Purdue University in 2004.

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District Court’s Order on SpeechNow.org’s Request for a Preliminary Injunction

District Court’s Order on SpeechNow.org’s Request for a Preliminary Injunction.

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District Court Denial of Preliminary Injunction Request Leaves SpeechNow.org Silenced

A federal judge today denied a preliminary injunction request by SpeechNow.org, effectively silencing the citizen group in the midst of the 2008 election season.

SpeechNow.org is an independent group of citizens formed to protect the First Amendment at the ballot box.  The group is challenging federal campaign finance laws that say that any time two or more people pool their resources to support or oppose a federal candidate, they become a "political committee" subject to government limits-$5,000 per supporter per year-and bureaucratic red tape.

SpeechNow.org asked for a preliminary injunction so that it could begin its political advocacy immediately and without fear of legal penalties from the Federal Election Commission as the case proceeds.  Accepting or spending just $1,000 on speech opposing candidates would trigger those penalties-so the group has remained silent.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.