Another reminder of the attack on free political speech

The airwaves today are relatively free of political commercials, for the first time in months (at least in Virginia, where I live). I’ll admit, it’s nice to imagine that the next time I turn on the radio I’m more likely to hear someone trying to sell me a car, mutual funds, or aspirin than a candidate.

Not so nice to imagine, however, is turning on the radio and not being able to hear radio hosts discussing politics because a government in charge of establishing "fairness" over the airwaves have made it so onerous and unprofitable to air popular political talk radio hosts that most stations simply give up and adopt a different format.

Unfortunately, today we are reminded that opponents of the First Amendment are all too eager to bring back the UnFairness Doctrine, an Orwellian attempt to enforce politicians’ and bureaucrats’ preferences about who should be allowed to speak, for how long, and on what topic on the air.

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Turning Wisconsin into a First Amendment-free zone

A few days ago I noted on our blog that “…Wisconsin is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to make statements of a political nature.” This past weekend shows just how far opponents of the First Amendment will go to silence their critics.

A judge in Wisconsin has ordered an ad criticizing a candidate off the air because it contains “false statements.”

From the AP:

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Lister on Sunday upheld an order he made a day earlier that says a Coalition for America’s Families must stop running ads that make false representations about Mark Radcliffe, a Democratic candidate for the 92nd Assembly District.

The coalition said Sunday it would immediately appeal the judge’s ruling.

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Wisconsin Steps Away from Speech Suppression

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals rejected Judge Thomas Lister’s outrageous restraining order suppressing a radio advertisement criticizing a candidate for state legislature. Following is Center for Competitive Politics President Sean Parnell’s statement:

"Today’s reversal of Judge Lister’s unconscionable ruling is a victory for all Americans who believe that free people have the right to speak out on candidates and issues without government censorship. The voters, not government, should be the only ones to determine whether a political statement is true or false."

"Wisconsin took a small step back from direct government censorship of political speech today, but so long as these laws remain on the books, citizens of the Badger State remain threatened by the possibility that they could face jail time for criticizing candidates for office. The First Amendment remains on shaky ground in Wisconsin."

A link to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision is here:

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.