Media Hits for The Center for Competitive Politics

The Center for Competitive Politics has had a spate of recent mentions and/or full op-eds in traditional or online media outlets. A roundup of the most recentfollows, including an op-ed that appeared recently in The Wall Street Journal, penned by CCP founder Brad Smith, on the folly of investor activism.

WSJ, Brad Smith: Another Union Attack on Corporate Speech

The latest ploy is an effort to convince American businesses to voluntarily disarm and leave the playing field to unions and foundation-funded lobbying groups. Leading this effort is an organization called the Center for Political Accountability (CPA).  

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Campaigns & Elections, Allen Dickerson: Welcome to the PAC jungle

Are a growing tangle of regulations, court decisions and unwritten rules complicating political speech?  

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The following pieces quote CCP experts:

Pro Publica, As Political Groups Push Envelope, FEC Gridlock Gives ‘De Facto Green Light’

Quotes Brad: “If you’re a deregulatory commissioner, you can get a lot done simply by saying no,” said Bradley Smith, a former Republican commissioner who was once a force for campaign-finance deregulation on the commission and now pushes his case through the Center for Competitive Politics.  

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News Leader, Clary, Open up lobbyist meetings to public

Quotes Brad: “The simple answer is that the Supreme Court has held that candidates cannot be prevented from choosing to privately fund their campaigns. Of course, if the government provided enough money, most candidates would take the money. But there has never been any willingness shown by voters to provide enough funds for that to happen.”  

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The Daily CallerFCC moves ahead with plans to require full disclosure for broadcast advertisers  

Quotes Brad: “it sounds easy, but for many stations in an election year, if you try to require some real time or very short tine web disclosure, you’re looking at substantial cost because the ad bookings, changes, and cancellations are very frequent.”

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.