In the News: Campaigns & Elections: Searching for clarity at the FEC

Searching for clarity at the FEC By Allen Dickerson The Federal Election Commission has been guilty recently of failing to adapt its regulations to account for several binding court decisions. But that diffidence partly evaporated last week. On Thursday, the FEC responded to two eagerly anticipated requests for advisory opinions. At issue was the perennial […]

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Reform without purpose: The Campaign Finance Reform Community Responds to Americans Elect

Recently elements of the “reform community” have been getting themselves worked up about a most improbable threat to American democracy: an organization called “Americans Elect.”

In their criticism of American Elect, reformers seem to have forgotten the whole purpose of “reform.” More below the fold.

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Shareholders and the Corporate Form

This is the fourth in a series of posts on corporations adapted from CCP Founder Brad Smith’s comments on an article that appeared in The Frum Forum on Tuesday, October 27th. Some of the information provided by Brad in the comments section was so informative, we made the decision to appropriate the text and repurpose it as a series of blog posts. 

Should corporate shareholders get to vote on every political expenditure? This has some intuitive appeal for people, but mistakes the nature of the corporation.

The primary advantage of using a corporate organizational structure is managerial efficiency. Most of us have no idea how to run an auto manufacturer, a computer software company, a trucking company, or a company that makes industrial refrigerators. We don’t want to manage the company, we don’t have time to try to manage the company, and we’re pretty sure we’d make a hash of things if we tried.

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Colbert Shining a Light on Himself

Politico has a piece in today’s edition mentioning the “love” that comedian Stephen Colbert has been getting from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for shining a little light on this obscure corner of the federal government.”

Stephen Colbert got some love from the Federal Election Commission Thursday for bringing public attention to a wonky campaign finance issue.

By asking his supporters to weigh in on a request from the Karl Rove-backed super PAC American Crossroads to “fully coordinate” political ads with candidates without violating laws that prohibit coordination, the comedian helped generate more buzz around the issue than the FEC is used to seeing.


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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.