Trust Us: The DISCLOSE Act, Part II

The campaign finance regulatory community, always willing to join hands with Congress’s most partisan machine politicians, is giddy this morning with the introduction by Senator Chuck Schumer of the new, improved DISCLOSE Act, the campaign finance regulation law that didn’t pass the last Congress. The 2010 version of DISCLOSE, though hiding under the guise of […]

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Daily Media Links 3/22: Nonprofits Dive Into PAC World, Romney’s super PAC still outraising his rivals’ , and more…

Independent groups Roll Call: Nonprofits Dive Into PAC World   by Eliza Newlin Carney As politically active tax-exempt groups draw scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators, leaders in the sprawling nonprofit sector are torn between circling the wagons and joining in calls for reform.  Read more… Washington Times: Romney’s super PAC still outraising his rivals’  by Luke Rosiak […]

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Daily Media Links 3/21: ‘Super PACs’ Supply Millions as G.O.P. Race Drains Field, A new era in campaign finance, and more…

Independent groups NY Times: ‘Super PACs’ Supply Millions as G.O.P. Race Drains Field By Nicholas Confessore The Republican presidential candidates are running low on campaign cash as expensive primaries in states like Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania loom, leaving them increasingly reliant on a small group of supporters funneling millions of dollars in unlimited contributions into […]

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Measuring inputs, not outputs

I’ve been noticing a fair amount of play for this report,the State Integrity Report, from the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity, and Public Radio International. The report purports to grade the states on their regulations to insure government “integrity.” A couple things leap out immediately. First, almost half the states get Ds or Fs. Wow, no […]

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Bloomberg Media’s “View” discloses it doesn’t know campaign finance law

Oh my. Where to begin with today’s incredibly wrong-headed editorial at Bloomberg Media? Well, how about the beginning? Today, under the headline Get TV Political Ad Data Out of the Cabinet,  Bloomberg offers up an editorial view that goes horribly wrong from the opening paragraphs. “Since the Federal Election Commission has shown itself to be virtually incapable of ensuring […]

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Daily Media Links 3/20

Independent groups Roll Call: Rules of the Game: Bad News for Nation’s Nonprofits   by Eliza Newlin Carney In an election that until lately has been dominated by super PACs, politically active nonprofits are the new bad guys, drawing ethics complaints, letters to the IRS and legislative action.  Read more… LA Times: Federal contractors’ parent […]

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Daily Media Links 3/19: The Wrong Way to Shake Up Congress, Big donors are fueling democracy, and more…

In the News Federalist Society (Event): Campaign Finance & Super PACs in the 2012 election  The Federalist Society presents Professor Allison Hayward, Vice President of Policy for the Center for Competitive Politics. She will be speaking on recent efforts at campaign finance reform, including the emergence of Super PACs and their effect on the 2012 election […]

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File Transfer

This Bloomberg report on disclosure efforts at local television stations is rather odd and something worth keeping an eye until it either a) flames out as ridiculous, b) is recognized for what it is, which is to say that it possibly carries an agenda that has little to do with open government, or c) is […]

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Daily Media Links 3/16: Senate Republicans Warn IRS Against Scrutiny of Tea Party, nions Urge Curtailment of ‘Super PACs’, and more…

Independent groups Bloomberg Businessweek: Senate Republicans Warn IRS Against Scrutiny of Tea Party  by Jonathan D. Salant Senate Republicans today expressed concern that the Internal Revenue Service was singling out Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny in deciding whether to grant them tax-exempt status.   Read more… NY Times, The Caucus: Unions Urge Curtailment of ‘Super PACs’  […]

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Daily Media Links 3/15: Donations to GOP presidential campaigns down despite talk of big political spending, Since Citizens United, Outside Political Spending in Presidential Elections Has Doubled, and more…

In the News Fox News: Donations to GOP presidential campaigns down despite talk of big political spending    by Shannon Bream Many, including David Keating, President of the Center for Competitive Politics, believe it’s due to a “weak” slate of GOP contenders. He points to the current congressional races as proof. “If you look at the […]

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