Daily Media Links 3/5

In the News Newsday: Wealthy LIers actively funding super PACs But Allison Hayward of the Center for Competitive Politics, which backs the rulings, said: “It’s about free speech. The notion that something bad is happening in the body politic is way overblown.”  Read more… CCP Zac Morgan: Lessig’s Corruption Conundrum Professor Lessig said the real […]

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Super PAC report reveals blatant partisan bias

Its always fun to tease out the poorly-supported assertions, strawmen, and unsubstantiated claims of the pro-regulation bloc. Fortunately, they make it very easy. One of the most commonly asserted assumptions, though rarely stated, is the idea that the rich shouldn’t be allowed to spend money on campaigns because they are somehow different from the rest […]

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John McCain: Free speech is worse than forcible castration, internment on the basis of race, separate but equal, and slavery. Really, John?

You know, I would never dream of telling John McCain how to fly a fighter plane. Just once, I wish Senator McCain would return the favor and quit pretending he knows anything about campaign finance reform. Senator McCain was on the Tonight Show last week, talking about campaign finance reform, and virtually every sentence that […]

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Daily Media Links 3/2

Independent groups Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney: Local, National Chambers Clash on Ads   Amid a multistate ad blitz by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that targets 20 House and Senate races, state and local chamber affiliates in Montana and Virginia have condemned or distanced themselves from the national trade group’s ads.  Read more… Esquire: Super-PAC Tuesday […]

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Lessig’s Corruption Conundrum

Yesterday, Professor Lawrence Lessig went on Bloomberg Law to discuss his new e-book, One Way Forward. It was a pretty surreal interview. Professor Lessig said the real problem with campaign finance was corruption. Not the corruption that could be punished under any existing statute, of course, but what he referred to as “legal corruption.” And what is “legal […]

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Daily Media Links 3/1

Independent groups Republican Lawyer Blog: Former FEC Chairman Says SuperPACs Are Good for Democracy  In a radio interview last week, Center for Competitive Politics and former FEC chairman Bradley A. Smith spoke about the benefits of SuperPACs and how they actually benefit the electoral process. Mr. Smith believes one benefit is that without SuperPACs one candidate […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.