Edwards Mistrial, CCP Response

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Following news of the not guilty verdict on one count today and a declaration of a mistrial on the other counts in John Edwards’ campaign finance trial, Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) President David Keating released the following statement:

“After incurring the enormous costs of a high-profile prosecution, the government is no closer to a conviction than it was the day the complaint was filed,” said Keating.  “The case should never have been brought and now the government should drop the case.  Prosecutors should stop trying to use vague laws to criminalize politics.”

“It’s reassuring that this jury was not misled by the vague, misleading, and likely unconstitutional instructions given to them by the Court,” concluded Keating.

The Center for Competitive Politics promotes and defends the First Amendment’s protection of political rights of speech, assembly, and petition. It is the only organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political rights.


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