Daily Media Links 6/1: Edwards Mistrial, Where Have All the Proxies Gone, and more…

In the News Wall Street Journal: Where Have All the Proxies Gone? Editorial It’s halftime in the shareholder proxy season,  so how’s that big push to limit corporate political spending working out? According to new findings from the Manhattan Institute’s ProxyMonitor,  the campaign is something short of a tour de force. Read more… Christian Science Monitor: Is […]

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In the News: WSJ: The Corporate Disclosure Ruse

CCP Chairman Bradley A. Smith in the Wall Street Journal.  WSJ: The Corporate Disclosure Ruse  “Chances are, you’ve never heard from Bruce Freed. That’s because the founder of the Center for Political Accountability (CPA) is far busier ensuring you never hear from corporate America. At least not when it comes to political free speech. In […]

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Response to Politico article on Super PACs

Politico recently published an article bashing super PACs in the presidential race, so it might be helpful to offer some counterpoints to the assault. As with much of the language against super PACs, this latest piece is heavier on apocalyptic visions and appeals to emotion than facts or reason, but it does offer some specific […]

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Compulsory disclosure and “SWATting” – after-the-fact sympathy has little value

On the left, a fun new tactic has arisen for trying to silence conservative speakers: “SWATting.” The idea is to call the police, give the home address of a conservative columnist/activist, etc., and report that there has been a shooting at the home and the gunman – who may allegedly be the conservative target himself […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.