Daily Media Links 8/29: Top donors, lobbyists to schmooze with RNC guests, Deal Will Likely Prevent Floor Fight at Republican National Convention, and more…

In the News

USA Today: Opposing view: Redirect the outrage on convention spending 
By Brad Smith
It is hard not to be outraged by national political convention spending — until one puts it into perspective. For example, the FFA (that’s the organization formerly known as the Future Farmers of America) annual convention, which rotates between Louisville and Indianapolis, is a $30 million dollar affair. Major sporting events such as a BCS Bowl game or NCAA Final Four see far higher spending. Someone’s got to pay for it.  

Independent groups

Washington Post: Citizens United chief watches as other groups reap windfall from landmark case 
By Jason Horowitz
TAMPA — Dave Bossie has no regrets. He just wishes he were getting a little more love.  

Bloomberg: Smackdown Over Super-PAC Integrity 
Ali versus Frazier, it wasn’t. But the co-founders of the super-political action committees supporting President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney attacked each other over the honesty of their ads, which have come to dominate presidential campaign advertising. 

Huffington Post: Obama Super PAC Plots Massive Ad Campaign Against Romney 
By Sam Stein
The spot, featuring a testimonial from Olive Chase, a well-regarded chef on Cape Cod, is a new twist for Priorities USA Action. While previous ads from the group have focused on Romney’s tenure in private equity, this one accuses the presumptive Republican nominee of failing to live up to his promises of turning around the Bay State’s economic malaise during the early-2000s.  


Washington Post: Making the case that the filibuster is unconstitutional 
By Suzy Khimm
As proof of injury, Common Cause cites the intended beneficiaries of the DREAM Act, which provides a legal pathway to permanent residency to young illegal immigrant students, and the DISCLOSE Act, a legislative response to the Citizens United ruling that would require greater transparency for campaign spending by interest groups. 

Candidates and parties

ABC News: Deal Will Likely Prevent Floor Fight at Republican National Convention 
By Chris Good
Republican National Committeeman James Bopp, who had led a movement to oppose a new delegate rule on the convention floor, confirms to ABC News that he has agreed to a deal on compromise language. 

Washington Post: Nancy Pelosi, master of donor maintenance, is on the road again 
By Melinda Henneberger 
PORTLAND, Ore. — Even as the last of the light drained out of the day during a seated dinner in an honest-to-God forest glade, Nancy Pelosi kept doling out anecdotes and answers a la tartare to donors who weren’t ready for the evening to end.  

Lobbying and ethics

NBC: ‘Pop-up lobbying’ a new trend in convention influence peddling 
By Michael Isikoff
The political conventions have always been open season for big money influence peddling. But this year, ever-creative Washington lobbyists have devised a nifty new technique to bypass pesky ethics rules that were supposed to bar them from throwing lavish convention parties for lawmakers. 

Associated Press: Top donors, lobbyists to schmooze with RNC guests  
TAMPA, Fla.—Away from the televised political speeches and Mitt Romney’s nomination at the Republican National Convention, energy, technology, transportation companies and others are hosting lavish parties for Republican leaders, politicians and Romney’s top donors. 

The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.