“And the three of us have a right to speak together…”

The newest Learn Liberty video with CCP founder Brad Smith is up at their site today and this one tackles misconceptions about the oft-maligned Citizens United decision of 2010. Smith destroys the myth that Citizens United magically turned corporations into people. Instead noting that the decision actually seeks to prevent the banning of corporate-produced material that […]

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Daily Media Links 11/5: At The Races: Nancy Pelosi Raised $12.9 Million in October, A no-win election for independents, and more…

Independent groups NY Times: Karl Rove’s Mission Accomplished  By Paul Krugman Remember how Rove and others were supposed to raise vast sums from billionaires and corporations, then totally saturate the country with GOP messaging, drowning out Obama’s message? Well, they certainly raised a lot of money, and ran a lot of ads. But in terms of […]

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Daily Media Links 11/2: Romney Would Limit Lobbyist Roles, The Hill’s 2012 Top Lobbyists, and more…

In the News NPR: In Key Senate Races, Outside Groups Outpace Candidates’ Ad Spending  By TAMARA KEITH David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics and the father of the superPAC, isn’t convinced. “The fact that a race may be competitive when it wasn’t expected to be? I think we should be celebrating that,” […]

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Donor Disclosure: Undermining the First Amendment

In this essay, Cleta Mitchell, partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Foley & Lardner LLP and a member of the firm’s Political Law Practice, examines campaign finance disclosure both as a policy and as a response to the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which freed corporations, labor unions, and trade […]

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Media Watch: Frontline’s Artificial Monster

The latest Frontline campaign finance expose, “Big Sky, Big Money”  is little more than an exercise in gotcha journalism and is exemplary of why, according to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans have “little or no trust” in the media. From the first shady visit to a reputed “meth house” where boxes of documents […]

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Daily Media Links 11/1: Millions pouring into tight Senate races, Obama campaign website accepted real donation from fake ‘Osama bin Laden’, and more…

In the News Roll Call: Rules of the Game: Lessons Learned From First Post-Citizens United Presidential Race   By Eliza Newlin Carney “Money actually breaks up old monopolies, makes more ideas heard, makes more voices heard,” said Center for Competitive Politics Chairman and Co-founder Bradley Smith, another former FEC chairman. He added that outside groups […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.