Super PAC App Data Revealing

An interesting article popped up the other day in a regular search for campaign finance-related news, especially as it relates to emerging technology because that stuff is just coming down the pike. Coming elections are going to be heavy with social media and smartphone apps, and this one is particularly useful in a sort of exit-polling kind of way. 

Created by Glassy Media, the “Super PAC App … [allowed] users to identify sponsors, access fact checks and vote on political ads in real time. Voters were asked to rank ads on a four point scale from ‘Love,’ ‘Fair,’ ‘Fishy’ to ‘Fail.’ Now that the election is over, the app’s parent company Glassy Media has released a database of more than 38,000 individual votes tracking users’ responses.”

CCP’s clever intern (the always willing Joe Bradley) created a few charts from the data collected and, recognizing a selection bias given the tendency of younger voters to use a social media app, the numbers are — well not surprising at all really. Except for how heavily weighted they are in favor of Democrats. What the data may be really useful in revealing is just what Conservatives are going to have to do to keep up in coming elections; not the least of which is to learn to speak the language of the millennial voter. Click the images below to explore.

Votes By Support2 Votes By Support Votes By Oranization Type2 Votes By Oranization Type Super PAC votes by support 2 Super PAC votes by support2t



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