CCP Submits Questions the House Should Ask IRS Witnesses

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — David Keating, on behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), submitted questions to the House Ways & Means Committee in advance of this morning’s hearing questioning witnesses in the scandal currently rocking the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).While commending the Committee for holding the hearing, and offering a strongly-worded warning that the agency must never be used to stifle speech, Keating and CCP offer several questions they feel would help the Committee in their investigation to avoid future scandals.

The questions include: 1) How and why did the IRS come to inappropriately review certain tax-exempt organizations?; 2) Who created the criteria that disparately led to Tea Party organizations and other groups of a conservative political orientation to face special scrutiny and unconscionable delays in their application for tax-exempt status?; 3) Did the IRS feel pressure from the many letters sent by some in Congress to investigate the political activity of 501(c)(4) organizations?; and 4) Looking forward, how does the IRS decide  which groups to investigate?

“This scandal involving the IRS provides us with a cautionary tale: the agency is not equipped or structured to do the job it was asked to do in overseeing political activities. For many reasons, the enforcement of campaign finance law is a highly complex issue best left to the agency tasked with its enforcement – the Federal Election Commission,” Keating writes.

The rest of the letter can be found here. Should you wish to interview David, contact CCP Communications Director Sarah Lee at 770.598.7961.

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