Daily Media Links 6/5: Self-financing candidates can’t buy love; wealthy challengers rarely win the elections, Pervasive Political Targeting, and more…

In the News   Washington Times: Self-financing candidates can’t buy love; wealthy challengers rarely win the elections  By Luke Rosiak But having the wealth to get out of that doesn’t always translate into political charisma, and may actually be a disadvantage for candidates who need to connect with average voters. “You don’t know how a business guy […]

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Daily Media Links 6/4: The Lois Lerner Defense, Controversial Speech and the Education of Voters, and more…

Independent Groups   National Review: The Lois Lerner Defense By Mark Steyn We have the president of the United States’ word as a gentleman that he knew nothing about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of his enemies until he “learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.” Furthermore, although the […]

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Daily Media Links 6/3: Donors to GOP Group Drew IRS Scrutiny, Former IRS commissioner Shulman’s wife works for liberal group fighting open campaign spending, and more…

Independent Groups   Wall Street Journal: Donors to GOP Group Drew IRS Scrutiny  By JOHN D. MCKINNON and DIONNE SEARCEY At the same time the Internal Revenue Service was targeting tea-party groups, the tax agency took the unusual step of trying to impose gift taxes on donors to a prominent conservative advocacy group formed in 2007 […]

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Information at the Margin: Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws, Ballot Issues, and Voter Knowledge

Some scholars have argued that information about the financial involvement of interest groups in ballot issue campaigns provides voters with valuable cues about how to vote on potentially complex and confusing issues. In this study, CCP Academic Advisor David Primo argues that the proper way to assess the informational benefits of disclosure is to assess whether […]

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