Daily Media Links 7/2: Solution to super PACs: More money, Theories of Speech and Policy, and more…

Independent Groups   Politico: Solution to super PACs: More money  By CPI’s Adam Wollner In hopes of gaining greater control over their campaigns, some state lawmakers are pushing to allow candidates and parties to raise more funds while, in a few cases, imposing new restrictions on independent groups. In March, Wyoming became the first state to ease restrictions […]

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Daily Media Links 7/1: Cover the IRS, Don’t Cover for It, Nonprofits Operating in New York Must Disclose Donors, Itemize Spending for Election Advocacy and Issue Ads, and more…

Independent Groups   Wall Street Journal: Cover the IRS, Don’t Cover for It By Peggy Noonan ‘Documents Show Liberals in I.R.S. Dragnet,” read the New York Times headline. “Dem: ‘Progressive’ Groups Were Also Targeted by IRS,” said U.S. News. The scandal has “evaporated into thin air,” bayed the excitable Andrew Sullivan. A breathlessly exonerative narrative swept the news […]

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Free Speech, Fair Elections, and Campaign Finance Laws: Can They Co-Exist?

A prominent politician once observed that, “You can either have free speech or fair elections, but you can’t have both.” In this article, CCP Academic Advisor and Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School Joel M. Gora argues that saying has it all backwards. In fact, you cannot have one without the other. The election of 2012 […]

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