In the News: Acton Institute: SEC Deals Blow to ICCR Agenda

By BRUCE EDWARD WALKER The Center for Competitive Politics, a Washington-based group, also commended Ms. White for avoiding SEC mission creep that would further a decidedly liberal agenda. In a press release issued Dec. 2, CEP quoted former Federal Election Chairman Bradley A. Smith: We applaud the SEC for refusing to allow itself to be […]

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In the News: The Hill: SEC backs off corporate giving regs

By Ben Goad “This proposal would have involved the SEC in the difficult business of regulating political speech, a job for which it is poorly equipped, and which would have proved a distraction from its important work in the economic sphere,” said Allen Dickerson, legal director for the nonprofit Center for Competitive Politics, which promotes […]

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Daily Media Links 12/2: Silenced by the Taxman, IRS Rules on Nonprofits’ Political Activity Get Mixed Reaction, Obama Administration proposes new rule to rein in nonprofit political groups, and more…

In the News NRO: Silenced by the Taxman By Bradley A. Smith But the IRS has not been completely inactive. Just before heading off for the Thanksgiving holiday, the agency dumped a proposed rule into the Federal Register that, if enacted in its current form, would place further restrictions on the political activity of citizen groups, including nonpartisan voter-registration efforts, “meet the candidate” nights […]

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Group Commends SEC Decision to Forego Rulemaking

Non-Expert Agency Correct to Focus on Regulating Securities Markets rather than Political Speech For Release: December 2, 2013 Contact: Joe Trotter Phone: 210-352-0055 (Cell) Alexandria, Va. –– The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today commended the Security and Exchange Commission for declining to force more unnecessary political disclosure by corporations. “We applaud the SEC for refusing […]

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Election Law Handbook for Legislators and State Policymakers

This Election Law Handbook provides an informative guide to a variety of topics in campaign finance and election law likely to arise in any state legislative session. A useful tool for anyone interested in topical election law issues, in addition to original content, this Handbook suggests recommended reading for more in-depth analysis of the subjects discussed […]

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Policy Primer: Campaign Finance Disclosure – The Devil is in the Details

As this Policy Primer on campaign finance disclosure explains, although advocates for greater regulation of political speech claim that there are large amounts of undisclosed money in politics, in fact, all spending that calls for the election or defeat of candidates is already disclosed, as is all spending and all but the smallest donations to […]

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In the News: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: John Doe recall probe could focus on free speech, Supreme Court makeup

By Patrick Marley and Dave Umhoefer Two former Federal Election Commission members interviewed by the Journal Sentinel offered mixed opinions on the effectiveness of a free-speech defense. First Amendment defenses alleging unfair limits on political speech are “probably a loser” in such cases because of various U.S. Supreme Court rulings, said Bradley Smith, who heard such cases as […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.