The Daily Signal: Exclusive: Liberal Senator Preparing Report That Dismisses Allegations of IRS’ Tea Party Targeting (In the News)

By Hans von Spakovsky
CCP’s complaint cannot be easily dismissed. It is a non-partisan, third-party organization that is not part of the IRS investigations. It is headed by former Federal Election Commission chairman Bradley Smith. Its complaint raises serious ethics issue over a senator trying to use a federal agency against his political opponents and is supported by more than 100 pages of exhibits.
Nonetheless, it seems Levin does not believe that such behavior, as well as the pending ethics complaints against him, poses any conflict of interest to his continued oversight of the subcommittee’s investigation.
Former FEC chairman Brad Smith, the head of CCP, says that Levin’s report on the IRS “is really his defense brief, masquerading as congressional fact-finding.” It is his Wizard of Oz way of saying “pay no attention to what the IRS did behind the curtain.”


The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.