Fred Wertheimer Opposes Disclosure of Campaign Contributions

Surprised to find the denizen of the campaign finance regulatory community coming out against disclosure of all campaign contributions? So were we. But what else can one make of Wertheimer’s column this week in The Puffington Host, in which he writes: In the constitutional system envisioned by our founders 225 years ago, individuals get one […]

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FEC Complaint: Mayday PAC violated campaign finance laws

Super PAC that wants more speech rules can’t figure out current law The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Mayday PAC, the self-proclaimed “SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs,” founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. The complaint documents that at least twelve Mayday PAC television ads, […]

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Federal appeals court to rule on contribution limit case

“A $5,200 check in June is okay, but that same check in July is illegal?” Alexandria, VA – A federal district court judge last week cleared the way for a ruling by the en banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in a challenge brought by the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) to certain […]

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Tax-Financed Campaigns Fail Women Again

Every now and then we come across a truly bizarre and insulting argument from those who wish to expand government control over the political process: that the rigors of campaign fundraising are somehow sexist and discourage women from seeking public office. Back in March, for example, The Albany Times-Union reported on a staged all-female rally […]

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The Morning Sun: Walker: Voters Erect Speed Bumps for Government Juggernaut (In the News)

By Bruce Edward Walker However, it’s easier for such Democrats as Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to vilify Charles and David Koch and, conversely, for Republicans to snicker at the estimated $74 million mostly blown by billionaire investor (in coal and coal-operated power plants, no less!) turned green-energy advocate Tom Steyer on Democratic campaigns […]

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Wall Street Journal: It’s Shocking How Little Was Spent on the Midterms (In the News)

By JOHN R. LOTT JR. And  BRADLEY A. SMITH Many who express the most outrage about campaign expenditures—liberal interest groups such as Public Citizen, or politicians such as Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi —frequently are cheerleaders for the even faster growth in government spending. If they want less spent on campaigns, then put less at stake: Make government smaller. In […]

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Politico: Top campaign-finance cases to watch (In the News)

By Byron Tau At least a half-dozen major campaign-finance cases winding their way through the courts have the potential to shake up the political landscape in the vein of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling — or the more recent McCutcheon decision — forcing major changes in the way campaigns are financed and run. They could get a sympathetic […]

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NY Times: The Stock Market Doesn’t Care About Elections

By DAVID M. PRIMO and TRUNG A. DANG HOW much do investors care about election outcomes? In the wake of Wednesday’s stock market rally, in which both the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average rose sharply a day after the midterm elections, pundits suggested that the answer was “quite a bit.” Such […]

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Politico (Morning Score): Catching up on the close races — Dems get a wake-up call on technology — Surprising changes in the cash race (In the News)

— The Center for Competitive Politics, which opposes many of the campaign finance restrictions Mayday supports, did a victory lap Wednesday. “[V]oters are more comfortable with the campaign finance system than some believe. Voters do not vote based on campaign finance concerns. And second, no one, not even a well-financed Super PAC, can buy elections results — voters […]

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MayDay PAC's Candidates Sink

97% of funds spent on losers Alexandria, VA – Voters soundly rejected Mayday PAC’s preferred candidates and the group’s vision of greater campaign finance regulation yesterday.  The self-described “Super PAC to end all Super PACs” spent $7.6 million in five congressional and three Senate contests during the election. Of that amount, 97%, or $7.35 million, […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.