Daily Media Links 3/2: Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump win big; Cruz takes Texas; Rubio scores first win, Republican Super PACs Aired 6,000 Ads Against Trump Before Super Tuesday, and more…

In the News National Law Journal: Divided D.C Circuit Revives Latest Challenge to Disclosures for Political Ads Zoe Tillman The case tests the donor disclosure rules for nonprofits that run ads that aren’t explicitly about a particular campaign. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit reversed a trial judge […]

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The State of State Parties – and How Strengthening them Can Improve our Politics

In this Brookings Institution report by Raymond J. La Raja and Jonathan Rauch, the authors examine the campaign finance rules and regulations ensnaring state parties and assess how they are increasingly costly in an age when burgeoning independent groups face no such restrictions. According to the authors, historically, and still today, state parties act as […]

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“Reformers” Can’t Decide Which Election Money Is Buying

The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and the flops of the Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry campaigns illustrate, yet again, how weak the influence of money can be on election results. This is a problem for those who argue that plutocracy has overtaken democracy or that money in politics is the […]

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Daily Media Links 3/1: Big-Donor Money Has Not Worked in the 2016 Campaign. Yet., Goldman Sachs Puts Worker Linked to Donald Trump on Leave, and more…

Independent Groups New York Times: Big-Donor Money Has Not Worked in the 2016 Campaign. Yet. Editorial Board No matter who comes out on top on Super Tuesday, this round of presidential primaries has been turning conventional notions about campaign finance upside down. For the time being. It would be soothing to think that the primary […]

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