Daily Media Links 12/13: Federal election regulators could unmask political ad buyers on Facebook, Losing Faith in Free Speech Has Consequences, and more…

In the News Observer: Federal Case Could Upend New Jersey’s Campaign Finance Law By Jeff Brindle Laura Holmes and Paul Jost, a married couple from Florida, challenged a provision in the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) that limits contributions by individuals to $2,700 in the primary and $2,700 in the general election… Holmes and Jost, […]

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Daily Media Links 12/12: Senators weigh in on ‘dark money’ tax deduction, After Manafort’s Indictment, Firms Are Suddenly Registering Their Foreign Lobbying, and more…

In the News The Hill: Facebook and the new Red Scare By David Keating and Paul Jossey Various interests have seized on Russian chicanery to push “reforms” lacking priority in less neurotic times. Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) sent a “Dear Colleague” letter seeking new rules for online ads. The resulting bill […]

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Is Patagonia Destroying Democracy?

Holiday shoppers visiting the online home of outdoor apparel and equipment retailer Patagonia, Inc. are encountering an overtly political message: “The President Stole Your Land.” That is just the beginning of the company’s advocacy. Upon clicking “Learn More,” visitors are presented with a brief description of what exactly the company is referring to: “In an […]

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Daily Media Links 12/11: An Attack on My Privacy in Wisconsin’s Political War, The End of Free Speech, and more…

The Courts U.S. News & World Report: Appeals Court Upholds Montana’s Nonpartisan Judicial Races By Associated Press A federal appeals court has upheld a Montana law that says judicial candidates cannot seek, accept or use political endorsements in their campaigns. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a U.S. District Court ruling […]

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Daily Media Links 12/8: Make No Mistake, Crimes Were Committed In John Doe Leak, Schimel Says, City attorney rules on campaign finance violations, and more…

Supreme Court Forbes: Cutting Through The Rhetoric About Compelled Union Dues By Brian Miller The Supreme Court has long held that you can’t compel people to speak the state’s message. Even in contexts where the state acts in a managerial role (like as an employer) it can restrict some speech in the name of regulating […]

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Daily Media Links 12/7: Illinois Democrats ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear Blagojevich’s appeal, Trump administration opposes unions in key Supreme Court case, and more…

In the News Urban Family Talk: Stacy on the Right (Audio) Institute for Free Speech Attorney Zac Morgan discusses the Fist Amendment implications of the Supreme Court case Carpenter v. United States (beginning at 19:00). New from the Institute for Free Speech Letter in Support of Repeal of the Internal Revenue Service’s Form 990, Schedule […]

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Daily Media Links 12/6: The IRS and Donor Privacy, Patagonia, REI and Other Outdoor Retailers Protest Trump’s Decision to Shrink Utah Monuments, and more…

In the News NBC Chicago: Current and Former Lawmakers Ask High Court to Hear Blagojevich Case By Phil Rogers Emphasizing they take no position on Blagojevich’s guilt or innocence, the lawmakers emphasize the need to clarify once and for all the vagueries of campaign finance law in the United States. “This court’s guidance is needed […]

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Daily Media Links 12/5: State board concedes it violated free speech rights of red-light camera critic, The New York Times unwittingly proves that corporate free speech needs protection, and more…

New from the Institute for Free Speech Brief of the Institute for Free Speech as Amicus Curiae in Support of Petitioner in Blagojevich vs. United States Preventing quid pro quo corruption by public officials is a laudable goal; it is necessary to the effective functioning of our democracy. But when the alleged “quid” is a […]

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Daily Media Links 12/4: This ‘Tenacious Underdog’ Won His First Supreme Court Case. Now He’s Back., Lois Lerner’s Secrets, and more…

New from the Institute for Free Speech Let’s Talk Turkey: Comparing 2016 Election and Thanksgiving Spending By Alex Cordell During the time-honored tradition of contentious political discussions at the Thanksgiving dinner table, one of your relatives may have mentioned the amount of money ($6.4 Billion) spent in the 2016 election cycle, asserting that there is […]

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Daily Media Links 12/1: Ban on speech ‘about a person’ that negligently causes ‘significant mental suffering, anxiety or alarm’ struck down, The New York Times Does Its Best Super-PAC Impersonation, and more…

In the News American Prospect: Internet Ad Rules Bring Together Strange Bedfellows By Eliza Newlin Carney When the FEC moved unanimously this month to clear the way for a rulemaking that would require small, online political ads to include disclaimers saying who paid for them, GOP election lawyer Dan Backer raised the alarm that such […]

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