SCOTUS Decision Aided Santorum, Campaign Finance Expert Says

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Occupy Citizen’s United!

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Montana, America’s most corrupt state

Is Montana the nation’s most corrupt state? Are its voters less able to weed out corrupt candidates? The Montana Supreme Court seems to think so.

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CCP amicus brief cited in Western Tradition Partnership dissent

CCP’s amicus brief in Western Tradition Partnership v. Attorney General was cited in the first of the two filed dissenting opinions.

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Larry Ribstein passes

We at the Center were, like many, many others with connections to the legal academy, saddened to learn of the death of University of Illinois law professor Larry Ribstein on December 23. There is little we can add to the various condolences and remembrances by people who knew him better, many of which are collected here and here.

Professor Ribstein was a corporate legal scholar, not a campaign finance or election scholar, but his work is very important in understanding corporate rights to free speech, a subject much in the news since Citizens United v. FEC was decided nearly two years ago.

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It’s a Wonder World of Campaign Finance Regulation

So, it’s Christmas weekend, and perhaps you need a change of pace from It’s a Wonderful Life and George C. Scott in a Christmas Carol. If so, have we got a treat for you.

This is a panel on the proper role of disclosure in campaign finance, from the Federalist Society National Lawyers Conference in 2010. It features CCP Founder and Chairman Bradley Smith and several more distinguished speakers.

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Amicus Brief in DeLay v. State

Download Amicus Brief

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One Editor’s Response to A Win for Free Speech

The Center often receives interesting responses when we send out press materials regarding our research.  Today’s release was no exception. 

We received a response to this release from the Wayne County Mail saying:

SO were these “JUSTICES” making these decisions right wingers?

What about the right of people to be safe in their homes from their right wing gun nuts making these stupid phone calls.

You are not campaigning for freedom. You are a right wing front group trying to destroy the rights of All Americans for the few idiots.

Please remove us from your mailing list. 


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Center for Competitive Politics Releases Public Perception & the “Appearance of Corruption” in Campaign Finance Report


Contact: Sarah Lee, Communications Director

The Center for Competitive Politics


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The American people believe political contributions should be disclosed, but don’t actually use the information themselves; they dislike seeing tax dollars used to fund campaigns; and they think that the current $2,500 federal limit on individual campaign contributions could be quadrupled without increasing government corruption.  

These were among the findings of a poll of over 55,000 Americans surveyed as part of the 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, and reviewed in Public Perception & the “Appearance of Corruption” in Campaign Finance, released today by the Center for Competitive Politics.


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It’s Time To Bring Some Sanity To Campaign Finance Laws

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.