Star-Tribune: Wyoming lawmakers want to repeal caps to PAC spending (In the News)

By LAURA HANCOCK Today’s aggregate limit is $25,000. On Jan. 1, it will increase to $50,000, said Anne Marie Mackin, of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Competitive Politics. The organization calls itself the country’s largest organization dedicated solely to First Amendment political rights. In a May letter, it threatened that the state could be sued for ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court reasoned that giving a contribution to additional […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics has a new white paper on the threats that corporations face from transparency activists: “A cadre of unions, public pension funds and activist investors are pursuing actions that would selectively burden American public companies from exercising their First Amendment rights to participate in public dialogue.” Read the report here:   Read more…

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Kansas City InfoZine: Change to Constitution Would Allow Campaign Finance Laws (In the News)

By Sekia Mangum “The Constitution is a sacred document that has guided this country well for centuries.” Sen. Richard J. Durban, D-Ill., said in support ofthe amendment. “I think this change is a great exception.” In a statement handed out at the hearing, the Center for Competitive Politics opposed making any changes. It said the proposed amendment would grant “unlimited and frightening” powers to Congress. The group supported the Citizens United case and […]

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NY Post: Schumer’s IRS (In the News)

Editorial Up to now, the press has not regarded the clear and deliberate IRS targeting of conservative organizations as a scandal, because it’s found no evidence it was ordered by the White House. If the Center for Competitive Politics is right, maybe the media should start looking at theSenate. Read more…

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Weekly Standard: The Disclosure Police Target Walmart (In the News)

By Michael Warren Shareholder proposals like the one before Walmart aren’t intended simply to create transparency. Thegoal is to snuff out corporate political spending completely—to candidates, campaigns, and especially civic and trade organizations that engage in political activity. That’s the argumentin a new paper from the Center for Competitive Politics, a think tank founded by a former commissioner of the Federal Elections Commission that says it works to “promote and defend […]

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Daily Signal: Ethics Complaint Targets Harry Reid for Abuse of Power (In the News)

 By Josh Siegel In another, unrelated complaint filed Tuesday withthe Senate Select Committee on Ethics, the Center for Competitive Politics, another conservative nonprofit, charges nine Democratic senators with “interfering with the administrative proceedings of the IRS.”   Read more…

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Investor’s Business Daily: Tea Party Presses Ethics Charges Against Key Dems (In the News)

This is what progressives do when in power. They attack and demonize and isolate. They imply honest people are criminals. And they don’t mind using public money to do it. The ends justify their means, and the ends are always uppermost in their minds. Nor is Harry Reid alone. A slew of other Democrats face similar ethics charges from the Center for Competitive Politics following the IRS’ targeting […]

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Providence Journal: Conservative groups complain Whitehouse pressured IRS (In the News)

By Thomas J. Morgan Seth Larson, spokesman for Whitehouse, responded: “The complaints filed by the Tea Party Patriots andthe Center for Competitive Politics are frivolous and utterly without merit. As a former attorney general and U.S. Attorney, Senator Whitehouse noticed that certain legal declarations appeared to violate 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001, which makes false statements a crime.  Bringing such activities to the attention of the relevant […]

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The Blaze: These Senators Could Be in Ethics Trouble Over the IRS Scandal (In the News)

By Fred Lucas David Keating, the organization’s president, citedthe abuse of the IRS by the Nixon White House, and the post-Watergate laws that prevented theWhite House from using the IRS for political reasons. “If someone in the White House was connected it would make it a real criminal violation and a very sensational thing,” Keating told TheBlaze. “I doubt that happened. But there was huge heat coming from the Senate.” If congressional committees believe organizations […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.