Brennan Center Outlines Strategy for More Supreme Court Rulings Upholding Speech Regulations

The Brennan Center for Justice recently released a report entitled “Developing Empirical Evidence for Campaign Finance Cases.” Written by Brent Ferguson and Chisun Lee – a Counsel and Senior Counsel, respectively, at Brennan – their paper serves three basic functions. It is part examination of the current landscape surrounding campaign finance jurisprudence, part survey of […]

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Elizabeth Warren Attacks SEC Chair for Refusing to Help Her Silence Businesses

Late last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren renewed a conflict with Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White, calling on President Obama to remove her from her post. Senator Warren has long pursued a misguided crusade to use the SEC to require disclosure of private contributions from business entities to trade associations and advocacy groups, […]

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Some FEC Commissioners Unwilling to Commit to Not Banning Books

The Federal Election Commission’s recent public meeting revealed a partisan gap on what would have otherwise seemed a straightforward issue. Commissioner Lee Goodman proposed an amendment to expand the FEC’s “press exemption” regulation to include books, movies, and other media distributed by satellite television, radio, and internet-enabled applications. In short, Goodman wanted to reassure the […]

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The New York Times: Replace the FEC with A More Partisan Agency

Last Friday, The New York Times Editorial Board published a piece lambasting the “feckless” Federal Election Commission for “fail[ing] to police this rise of ‘dark money.’” Advancing the oft-repeated (and false) narrative among opponents of free political speech that the FEC is a “worse than dysfunctional” agency, the editorial concludes that the entire regulatory body […]

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Enabling the Harassment of Donors for Their Beliefs is Not Free Speech

A consistent refrain from defenders of free speech is that the remedy for speech you dislike is more speech, not less. This logic was turned on its head in an article in Barron’s recently. The author, Thomas G. Donlan, spends most of the article highlighting very effectively the “tangled web” of campaign finance laws and […]

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The NRA’s Political Spending is No Different From Any Other Group’s

Last week, the Sunlight Foundation – an organization that supports increased donor disclosure for nonprofit groups that occasionally speak about candidates and issues as a small part of their overall mission – published a blog post examining the oft-discussed political influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA). It concludes that the NRA’s reach is not […]

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Maine Activists Embrace Taxpayer Subsidies for Politicians in Ignorance of Systemic Flaws

In Maine, some speech regulatory activists are already celebrating the 2016 election cycle as an important milestone. Not because they are expecting higher voter turnout, more competitive races, or more women or minority candidates running for office. Rather, these activists are giddy that more politicians are taking the hard-earned dollars of Maine taxpayers to run […]

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CEOs May Influence Their Employees’ Contributions – and That’s Okay

A recent study purports to find a new link between the political activities of CEOs and their employees. After reviewing a large sample of S&P 1,500 firms from 1999 to 2014, the researchers found “strong evidence” that changes in the political preferences of CEOs affect employee contributions to candidates, and possibly their voter turnout. The […]

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Limiting Access to Lawmakers Would Stifle Representative Democracy

Media commentary about the fine line between political influence and corruption has been plentiful over the past week. Many different writers have expressed discomfort at the notion of donors to a private charity being granted meetings with senior State Department officials. Absent evidence of direct quid pro quo corruption, these writers have argued that providing […]

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Campaign Finance Regulations Increase the Influence of Super PACs

Bloomberg BNA recently covered a report highlighting a developing trend in campaign finance this election cycle. The report, by the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI), shows a clear decrease in political fundraising for presidential candidates and parties in 2016, coupled with an increase in super PAC spending, compared with 2012. Total fundraising in support of Hillary […]

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