Polls Show that Citizens Do Not Favor Regulating Bloggers on the Internet

PRESS RELEASE: March 15, 2006

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Bradley A. Smith, Center for Competitive Politics (614) 236-6317

Stephen M. Hoersting, Center for Competitive Politics (703) 682-6359

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Both Right on Endorsements

In its rulemaking on coordinated communications, the Federal Election Commission, to its credit, is deciding how to restore endorsement advertising to electoral politics.  You have seen the ads in previous years: a popular candidate appears in the ad of one less known, to tell the voters that the lesser known candidate is trustworthy and respectable—a common activity that BCRA never intended to discourage.

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Synergy Leaves the Party

President Bush will have a tough time appearing in endorsement ads for other candidates this fall under a ruling announced last Thursday by the Federal Election Commission.

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