Dickerson on Panel at U. of Penn. with Samples, Bauer

  CCP Legal Director Allen Dickerson will appear tomorrow, Friday, February 8, 2013, on a panel at the University of Pennsylvania discussing the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC). The panel begins at 1 pm and, in addition to Dickerson, will feature other speakers such as John Samples, Director of Cato’s Center for Representative Government; Robert […]

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Brad Smith at Cato on Campaign Finance Post Citizens United

Watch Brad Smith at a Cato Institute Event discuss campaign finance since 2010’s Citizens United decision.

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CCP Files Reply in Colorado Free Speech Case

CONTACT: Sarah Lee, Communications Director, 770.598.7961 ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Center for Competitive Politics’s Legal Team filed a response today in Coalition for Secular Government (CSG) v. Gessler, a case currently pending before the Colorado Supreme Court. The brief explains why Colorado law should not be allowed to regulate CSG as an issue committee. No […]

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Dickerson on Cato Podcast Discusses Disclosure and the SEC

CCP Legal Director Allen Dickerson took part in yesterday’s daily Cato podcast, where he discussed the recent trend of placing campaign donation disclosure issues on the desks of regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), rather than the traditional Federal Election Commission (FEC). This is accomplished via a push for shareholder activism and, according […]

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Which OFA is it?

UPDATE: A-ha! Mystery solved. And rather hilariously so… Please forgive us the levity, but sometimes things just strike us as funny here at CCP. This piece from Red State is one of those times. Apparently, the famed Obama tech wizards couldn’t get themselves together enough to purchase the eponymous domain name for the new progressive […]

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Reflections on Free Speech on the Third Anniversary of Citizens United

It’s fitting the third anniversary of Citizens United v Federal Election Commission falls on inauguration weekend. The case allowed new ways for citizens to participate in campaigns, a fact publicly derided by progressives and reformers yet privately taken advantage of by the candidates they support, including President Obama. Despite the liberal condemnation of the money Citizens United brought to campaigns, […]

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Legal Director Dickerson to Testify Before NY Attorney General

CCP Legal Director Allen Dickerson will be appearing this morning at a hearing before New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on  Charity Disclosure Regulations. Dickerson will be speaking at 11 am at 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, Room 1923, New York, NY on the constitutional issues surrounding non-profits and current and proposed disclosure regulations. His prepared comments specifically […]

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Bauerly Vacancy May Not be Harbinger of Things to Come

Cynthia Bauerly, one of the three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, has decided to vacate her seat, and there’s some debate as to what this means for a Commission designed to be bi-partisan and, therefore, deadlock frequently. The Independent Voter Network wonders thus: Aside from a Supreme Court nomination, FEC appointments can be some of […]

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Murkowski and the Myth of “Dark” Money

The tone of this piece on the Murkowski-Wyden Campaign Finance Disclosure Proposal (something we think may be the newest incarnation of the DISCLOSE Act) is rather admiring of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) “apparent redirection on campaign disclosure” (she was part of last year’s abstention on the DISCLOSE Act). We do not share in the admiration. Murkowski […]

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Supreme Court not Considering Campaign Finance Case Friday

UPDATE: The US Supreme Court today announced it will not review the recent decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in The Real Truth About Abortion v Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) Chairman Brad Smith released the following statement on the Court’s decision.   “We are disappointed that the Court […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.