Comments to FEC on Potential Rulemaking on Internet Communications Disclaimers

PDF of letter available here Via Electronic Filing Att’n: Neven F. Stipanovic Acting Assistant General Counsel Federal Election Commission 999 E Street N.W. Washington, D.C. For the third time in six years, the Federal Election Commission (“FEC” or “Commission”) has requested comments “on whether to begin a rulemaking to revise its regulations concerning disclaimers on […]

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Significant Constitutional and Practical Issues with Connecticut House Bill 5589

The Honorable Joe Aresimowicz The Honorable Themis Klarides RE:  Significant Constitutional and Practical Issues with House Bill 5589 Dear Speaker Aresimowicz, Minority Leader Klarides, and Members of the Connecticut House of Representatives: On behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics (“Center”), we respectfully submit the following comments addressing significant constitutional and practical concerns with House […]

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CSG v. Gessler: Secretary of State’s Answering Brief (Colorado Supreme Court)

Secretary of State’s Answering Brief (CO Supreme Court)   Download PDF here.

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A Response to Ken Vogel

This Wednesday, January 21st, CCP will be holding a conference on Citizens United v. FEC’s fifth anniversary. As we all know, Citizens United struck down bans on corporate and union political activity, and combined with the en banc D.C. Circuit’s unanimous opinion in v. FEC[1] just a few months later, allowed outside groups other […]

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Forbes: When It Comes To Political Donations, There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Disclosure (In the News)

By Zac Morgan In 1905, Theodore Roosevelt used the bully pulpit of his annual message to Congress on the State of the Union to advocate for “the full and verified publication in detail of all the sums contributed to and expended by the candidates or committees of any political parties.” The result, the President declared could not “but […]

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National Review: Does Religious Speech Threaten Democracy? (In the News)

By Zac Morgan Section 2 allows Congress to explicitly ban corporations or other associations from spending money to influence elections — but Lord only knows what “influencing elections” actually means. (To give you an idea, a surprising number of states, even with the protections of the current First Amendment, seem to believe it includes saying the name of […]

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Washington Examiner: A funny thing happened to Ohio on the way to judicial review (In the News)

CCP Staff Attorney Zac Morgan writes for the Washington Examiner: The First Amendment harm of allowing a state agency to pick and choose which speakers may talk and which speakers ought to be punished is obvious. A straight challenge to the law would likely be quite successful. But SBA List is not such a challenge. Rather, it is about […]

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DSF: Reply Brief in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Here, you can find the complete Plaintiff’s Reply Brief in Support of its Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

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In the News: Reason: Citizens United Decision Fulfilled Earl Warren’s First Amendment Vision

By Zac Morgan Four years have come and gone since the Supreme Court handed down Citizens United v. FEC, striking down a federal law that prohibited a corporation from showing a movie critical of then-Senator Hillary Clinton shortly before the first round of Democratic primaries. (Although Citizens United intended to air the film in 2008, […]

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McCutcheon’s Wild Hypotheticals

Two months ago, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of McCutcheon v. FEC. If the plaintiffs win their appeal, the overall giving cap that Congress has imposed on individuals, parties, and PACs will be dissolved—effectively removing one of the most stringent, and arbitrary, limits on associational freedom. While we wait for the […]

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