Analysis: “Honest Ads Act” Targets Americans, not Foreign Actors

Alexandria, VA –  The Institute for Free Speech today released an analysis of the “Honest Ads Act” (S. 1989) that says the bill would impose broad-based regulations on the political speech of Americans and do almost nothing to regulate foreign interference in elections. To read the analysis, click here, or go to: “Legislation that responds to foreign meddling […]

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Analysis of Klobuchar-Warner-McCain Internet Ads Legislation (S. 1989, 115th Cong.): So-Called “Honest Ads Act” Is Dishonest About Its Effects

PDF of Legislative Brief available here Analysis of Klobuchar-Warner-McCain Internet Ads Legislation (S. 1989,[1] 115th Cong.) So-Called “Honest Ads Act” Is Dishonest About Its Effects By Eric Wang, Senior Fellow[2] Introduction and Executive Summary Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech are foundational to our open society, our democratic discourse, and our way of life. […]

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Does Money Buy Elections? According to Alabama, Evidently Not.

Proponents of greater speech regulation often argue that candidates and groups who spend more money on elections have an unfair advantage, and, therefore, that we need more limits on political spending. But can money really buy an election? Check out the Institute for Free Speech’s newest infographic on the 2017 Alabama special primary and runoff […]

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The Connection between Tax Financing of Political Campaigns and Free Speech

Taxpayer-financing of political campaigns is an increasingly salient issue at the state and local level. Advocates of greater campaign finance regulation argue such policies will reduce the influence of large donors in campaigns and, consequently, improve the political system in other areas too. In reality, many years of experience demonstrate that tax-financing of campaigns is […]

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Super PACs: Expanding Freedom of Speech

“[T]he government can have no anti-corruption interest in limiting contributions to independent expenditure–only organizations.” – v. Federal Election Commission[1] The product of a 2010 court ruling, “super PACs” have been a boon to citizens wishing to more effectively speak about elections. Legally, they have ensured that Americans do not lose their First Amendment rights […]

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Why Donor Privacy Matters for Free Speech

Since our nation’s founding, the right of every American to freely support the causes they believe in has been paramount. Unfortunately, this right is increasingly threatened by way of excessive government reporting requirements that silence many individuals and groups. Throughout our country’s history, privacy has been a necessary component for many Americans to feel comfortable […]

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Center for Competitive Politics Renamed Institute for Free Speech

After twelve years, the Center for Competitive Politics is embracing a new identity Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political rights, announced today its new name, the Institute for Free Speech. Though the group’s name is changing, its mission will remain the same. […]

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Why Does the Institute for Free Speech Have a Lantern in its Logo?

Our new name, the Institute for Free Speech, is almost self-explanatory. What may be less clear to a casual observer is the Institute’s choice of logo, a lantern. Imagery that features flames can symbolize many different things: enlightenment, liberty, or even passion. These are all concepts we are eager to invoke. But the Institute’s lantern […]

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Is Money Speech?

Sometimes people ask why the Institute for Free Speech should be so concerned with protecting the rights of individuals to make expenditures and contributions to political campaigns. “Money isn’t speech,” they say. They are often surprised to learn that I agree with them – to a point. Of course, money isn’t speech – it’s money. […]

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Court Should Dismiss FEC’s “Unlawful” Complaint Against John Swallow

CCP brief: The regulation Swallow is alleged to have violated is unconstitutional Alexandria, VA –  Attorneys at the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) and a former Federal Election Commission (FEC) chairman late yesterday asked a federal judge to dismiss the FEC’s case against John Swallow. The filing said Swallow broke no law and that the regulation […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.