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Boston Herald: High court power play comes with presidency (In the News)

Kimberly Atkins The latest urgent issue on the 2016 campaign trail is whether a Democrat or a Republican president will get to make as many as four Supreme Court appointments. With four justices over the age of 77, the next president could dramatically reshape the court — upending its delicate 5-4 balance, and transforming the […]

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ProPublica: ‘Dark Money’ Debate: Two Views on Whether the Term is Fair Game (In the News)

Cynthia Gordy As the rules around campaign finance have changed, so has our vocabulary. Yet while the term “dark money” has gone mainstream – referring to dollars flowing in from nonprofit groups that are not required to disclose their donors – there is disagreement over whether the phrase is too loaded to be used by […]

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ABC News: Why Carly Fiorina’s Surge Probably Won’t Earn Her a Debate Podium (In the News)

Katherine Faulders and Ryan Struyk But Brad Smith, a former FEC chair turned law professor at Capital University, says that CNN would likely not face legal penalties for changing the rules. “They have no obligation to change their criteria, but I think they can probably do so without much fear,” he told ABC News, adding […]

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Fox News: Man Up, RNC Chairman Priebus, and let the woman speak (In the News)

K.T. McFarland CNN and the RNC say their hands are tied by the Federal Election Commission. They insist debate invitations are determined by an average of several polls that include those before the August debate.Since Fiorina’s rapid climb in the polls was post-debate, she didn’t make the cut. They implied that had Fiorina complained earlier, […]

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Washington Examiner: Former FEC chair: CNN allowed to change debate rules (In the News)

Eddie Scarry “If I were CNN’s counsel, I would not feel uncomfortable at all in making that change,” Smith said in an interview Friday with the Washington Examiner media desk. Smith, who now teaches election law at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, said a rule change that sought to reflect a dramatic change in the […]

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Wall Street Journal: Carly Fiorina: ‘I’ve Earned a Place on the Main Stage’ (In the News)

Reid J. Epstein “Federal Election Commission guidelines make it clear that these criteria cannot be changed after they have been published,” a CNN spokeswoman said Friday. “We believe that our approach is a fair and effective way to deal with the highest number of candidates we have ever encountered.” But CNN isn’t necessarily married to […]

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Tax Analysts: Possible White House Candidate Blasts Temporary Tax Incentives (In the News)

Paul Barton But law professor Brad Smith of Capital City University and the Center for Competitive Politics said in an interview that Lessig has gone off the deep end. “This is not a serious proposal; this is not a serious person,” Smith said of Lessig’s platform. Laughing, he added, “I would call him clinically insane.” […]

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New York Daily News: Donald Trump’s big lie about ‘buying’ politicians (In the News)

John Lott and Bradley Smith Trump’s claim to control politicians, however, appears to be nothing more than braggadocio. His one concrete example of puppetry, offered in the GOP debate: “With Hillary Clinton, I said, ‘Be at my wedding,’ and she came to my wedding . . . She had no choice, because I gave.” Leaving […]

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Daily Caller: When Does A Candidate Become A Candidate (In the News)

Brad Smith So “testing the waters,” which doesn’t appear in federal law, is a creation of the FEC to assist potential candidates. It was not intended to subject every person who thinks about running for office to hundreds of pages of FEC rules dictating how a political campaign is run. CLC wants the FEC to […]

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Lansing State Journal: Private giving encourages participation (In the News)

Bradley Smith Americans have — and should have — the right to call for changes in public policy without interference from the government. On Election Day, we vote in private booths to ensure that no one is harassed for their political views and everyone feels safe participating. But these days, our ability to participate in […]

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