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Reason: Merrick Garland on Citizens United, the First Amendment, and Campaign Finance Regulation (In the News)

Damon Root In 2010 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a unanimous en banc opinion in the case of SpeechNow.org v. Federal Election Commission. At issue was the constitutionality of federal campaign finance regulations controlling the actions of independent groups that expressly advocate for and against political candidates. David […]

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Newsweek: Blame Me for the Explosion In Super-PAC Ads (In the News)

David Keating If one person can spend money independently of a campaign to influence an election, then why can’t two people combine their resources to, say, run the same TV ad with the same message? Why can’t five, 10 or hundreds of people do the same thing? That’s what a Super-PAC is. Money isn’t speech […]

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Wall Street Journal: Campaign Finance Confusion (In the News)

Center for Competitive Politics President David Keating on the Republican presidential candidate’s comments on campaign-finance reform. Watch…

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Wall Street Journal: The Freedom Caucus Objects to Political Free Speech (In the News)

David Keating and Bradley A. Smith Fights over campaign-finance laws are, more than other political struggles, fights over power. When power changes hands, new regulations are often put in place to benefit the victors’ political fortunes. The temptation to use speech regulation to hamper political opponents is ever present and too often irresistible. That’s why […]

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Sacramento Bee: Demand for nonprofits’ donor lists violates First Amendment (In the News)

David Keating The Supreme Court has – for nearly 60 years – protected nonprofits from being forced to hand the private information of their supporters over to state governments. In the landmark civil rights era case, NAACP v. Alabama, the court affirmed that the constitutional right of all Americans “to pursue their lawful private interests […]

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Wall Street Journal (LTE): Is Mandatory Voting an Idea Whose Time Has Come? (In the News)

By David Keating Of course, President Obama failed to note that Australia’s campaign finance laws make the court’s ruling in Citizens United look timid by comparison. Australia allows unlimited donations to candidates and parties, and donations from corporations or even foreigners are allowed. Here, such donations are banned for federal candidates. Australians can claim a tax deduction of $1,166 for donations […]

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