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In the News: Politico: Hard truths of campaign finance

CCP Commissioners Don McGahn, Caroline Hunter, and Matthew Petersen wrote an op-ed for Politico discussing the realities of the FEC’s capabilities: The cries for changing the Federal Election Commission from some editorial boards and campaign finance lobbyists overlook the obvious dangers of an unchecked federal agency regulating the political involvement of citizens. When Congress created […]

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The Recorder: Campaign Finance Confusion (In the News)

If you’re looking for a poster child for big money
candidates, skip George W. Bush and go straight to
Eugene McCarthy and his 1968 presidential campaign. “I couldn’t have run for president if it hadn’t had been for
big money contributors,” says the former Democratic
senator from Minnesota who brought down Lyndon
Johnson. At 83, McCarthy maintains his urbane, soft-spoken,
I-go-my-own-way […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.