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We give Fact Checker one-half Pinocchio: Super PACs and our complex campaign finance system

Back when I was serving as Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, I met with a delegation of officials from China. Since they spoke little English, we conversed through an interpreter. They were full of questions about campaign finance in the U.S., and soon I was trying to explain our incredibly regulated, complex system. There […]

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Proponents of Bad Government

The Federal Election Commission receives a lot of criticism these days, including from its own commissioners. But so too does Congress for the campaign finance laws it has passed (or, in some cases, not passed) and the Supreme Court for its rulings on campaign finance cases. Much of that criticism is founded on mistaken beliefs […]

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Media Watch: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn’t understand what ‘anti-democratic’ means

In a recent editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Editorial Board opines that “big money looms larger in the 2016 campaign.” This sounds like a title for your run-of-the-mill “reformer” screed these days, but it’s worse than that. The PG’s Editorial Board not only makes completely outlandish – and unfounded – claims about campaign spending, […]

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Someone killed a lion. Want to see his political contribution history?

Last year, The Washington Post Editorial Board panned a smartphone app that sorts companies by how Democratic or Republican they are. The app, BuyPartisan, provides users who scan the barcodes of products on the shelf with information on the political contributions of PACs associated with a particular company as well as data on the political […]

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Media Watch: Brennan Center Falsehood Hits the Airwaves

If you were listening to NPR’s “On the Media” show over the weekend (podcast available here), you heard an amazing statistic: “96 percent of the television ad spending [in the Florida gubernatorial race] is coming from outside groups.” “That is extraordinary,” claimed the guest. Indeed it is – one might say, unbelievable. So unbelievable, in […]

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Media Watch: Nothing to See Here, Just Politics as Usual

In Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney claims that “Republicans are developing an appetite for big money as a campaign issue.” (“Republicans Join Attacks on Big Money,” October 28.) Long-time observers of the debate swirling around campaign finance regulation will no doubt see through this smokescreen. Advocates for greater regulation of “money in politics” predict a […]

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Media Watch: The Flash Flood of Misinformation Continues…

Last week, I was critical of a New York Times story that promoted the false impression that a majority of political advertising has been driven by so-called “Dark Money” organizations. That article, as I said at the time, “only compares ads run by ‘outside groups’– ignoring all spending by candidates, political action committees, and political […]

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Media Watch: New York Times Fueling a Flood of Misinformation

If you are a regular reader of The New York Times, you are probably convinced that the greatest threat facing our democracy today is so-called “dark money.” Articles like Nicholas Confessore’s on October 10th titled, “Secret Money Fueling a Flood of Political Ads,” bemoan the “dark money” threat, warning readers that “[m]ore than half of […]

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Media Watch: WaPo Turning a New Leaf on Disclosure?

In the debate over campaign finance disclosure laws, it’s no mystery what side The Washington Post is on. Editorials like these consistently advocate expanding burdensome disclosure requirements to even more groups and even more forms of spending than what the law already extensively requires. In the Post’s view, the need for more compulsory disclosure is […]

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Media Watch: Undisclosed? Off-the-Radar? Underground Elections? Hardly.

Every now and then its worth taking a step back and checking up on how stories are being reported about campaign finance. Yesterday, Eliza Newlin Carney wrote in an article for Roll Call (New FCC Disclosures Reveal Underground Election): A trove of new public records recently opened up by the Federal Communications Commission sheds light on […]

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