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Media Watch: “Clarifying” the First Amendment for the Supreme Court

Public Citizen’s Lisa Gilbert wrote an op-ed for Roll Call yesterday slamming our “byzantine” system of campaign finance (Answers for Our ‘Byzantine’ Campaign Finance System). Hitting on everything from corporate disclosure to independent expenditures, Lisa writes: Congress needs to take swift and decisive action to mitigate the damage caused by the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions. Citizens […]

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Media Watch: Grey Lady messes up basic facts…again

Media mishandling of campaign finance is nothing new, but few publications are as consistently off-base and inaccurate as the New York Times. Once again the Grey Lady can’t even get the fundamentals right, as evidenced by October 29’s article ‘New Chief of the F.C.C. Is Confirmed.’ Edward Wyatt writes for the Times: “In 2012, Democrats […]

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Media Watch: Missing the Point

If you read the news to be informed, you may want to skip articles about campaign finance. As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in McCutcheon v. FEC on October 8, a storm of bad journalism was unleashed upon an unsuspecting nation. Once again, the media showed itself to be woefully ignorant about campaign finance. […]

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Media Watch: Gaming the System

When people say they want to clean up politics with campaign finance reform, they rarely want to do so just for cleanliness’ sake. Time and again, we see “reformers” pushing campaign finance regulations that are intended, stealthily or not, to slant the political landscape in the favor of their preferred policies and politicians. A not-so-stealthy […]

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Media Watch: NYT’s Coverage of IRS Scandal Speaks Volumes

The IRS’ admission last week that they have been targeting conservative non-profit organizations for additional screening has been front-page news in many media outlets.  The Wall Street Journal has nineteen mentions of the scandal on their website since last Friday (including a post featuring CCP President David Keating’s reaction).  Even the Washington Post, by no […]

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Media Watch: Washington Post survey reveals public misunderstanding of super PACs; article reveals the paper shares in that misunderstanding

Two days ago, the Washington Post published the results of a survey it conducted, which indicated a majority of Americans could not properly explain what a super PAC is. Ironically, the Post ran a story today on the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race to fill the seat of former Sen. John Kerry, in which it reported, […]

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Media Watch: Unethical attack by CREW’s Melanie Sloan

Melanie Sloan today took an unethical shot at Federal Election Commissioner Donald McGahn, writing in Politico that he “has boasted, ‘I’m not enforcing the law as Congress passed it. … I plead guilty as charged.’ Yet enforcement of our campaign finance laws is critical to instilling confidence in the integrity of public officials and federal […]

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Media Watch: “When Regulators are Mocked”

That was the headline on a recent New York Times editorial.  Another misinformed one.  I sent a letter to the editor trying to correct it.  Here’s the text: Your editorial misled readers about campaign finance law (“When Election Regulators Are Mocked,” page SR10, April 14) and incorrectly implied that Crossroads GPS disobeyed disclosure rules. In […]

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Media Watch: A Long Way to Go

Organizing for America’s creation reinforces two important lessons about politics.  First, politicians tend to do what is in their best interest at the moment, be it railing against money in politics for cheap political points or helping campaigns transition into advocacy non-profits.  Second, our system of government thrives because of our rights regarding political speech, […]

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Media Watch: Campaign Finance and Slavery

Dredd Scott and Citizens United cases have something in common: they were both a challenge against government suppression of natural rights.  The validity of the comparison ends there. But apparently not for some legislators and newspaper pundits with axes to grind. Last week, Rep. Ed Markey of Massachussets compared the Citizens United decision to the Dred Scott decision. […]

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