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Media Watch: Law Professors Tell Us How It Should be

Harvard Professor Lucian Bebuchuk and Columbia Law Professor Robert Jackson Jr. had an interesting article in the NY Time’s Dealbook on corporate disclosure of political expenditures.  Touting their new study, “Shining Light on Corporate Political Spending,” Bebuchuk and Jackson fail to cut paper in their attempts to come up with a legitimate reason for enacting […]

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Media Watch: Good News for Campaign Finance

The NY Time’s David Firestone published a post on the Time’s Editorial Page Editor’s blog last week decrying the post-election spending results.  Titled “Bad News for Campaign Finance,” the post was in many ways a sign of how the First Amendment protections have been prevailing over ridiculous political speech restrictions and citizens have been more involved than […]

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Media Watch: The New York Times Selective Quoting

Make no mistake: there is renewed vigor to assault the First Amendment and attribute negative circumstances to an over-indulgence and respect for free speech. (Remember this piece from Slate just after Benghazi broke? Never let a crisis go to waste as they say…) The New York Times — and I hope I’m wrong — has […]

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Media Watch: Surprise! “Secret Money” Didn’t Buy Election

After two straight years of conniption after conniption over the “unfairness” of “secret money” in politics, Tuesday’s election seems to have caught the usually pro-regulatory media somewhat off guard.  Despite almost six billion dollars in campaign spending, it was candidates’ messages, not total dollars spent on their behalf, which mattered. CCP Academic Advisor John Samples […]

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Media Watch: Frontline’s Artificial Monster

The latest Frontline campaign finance expose, “Big Sky, Big Money”  is little more than an exercise in gotcha journalism and is exemplary of why, according to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans have “little or no trust” in the media. From the first shady visit to a reputed “meth house” where boxes of documents […]

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Media Watch: Wired’s Big Miss

Wired magazine has decided to wade into the world of campaign finance.  In a post on their website yesterday, entitled “Who Bought Your Politician? Check With Our Embeddable Widget,” Wired introduced a so-called “Influence Tracker”: Ask politicians whether campaign contributions influence their decisions, and they’ll tell you certainly not. Ask any citizen, and they’ll likely […]

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(A Rare Positive) Media Watch: WSJ on Soros Donations to Super PACs

The Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday about the left’s use of campaign finance as a vehicle to advance their political agendas.  The article, “Soros: The Super PAC Man,” makes the point: One of the great cons of the 2012 Presidential campaign has been the loud Democratic fretting that President Obama would be outspent […]

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Media Watch: New York Times levels serious — and incorrect — charges

Eric Lipton and Clifford Krauss of the New York Times wrote an article about fossil fuel advertisements in the run up to the election.  Titled “Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign,” the article claims: The surge in energy-related political spending partly reflects the rise in overall election spending after the Supreme Court lifted limits […]

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Media Watch: Moyers and Weisberger’s Intellectual Hyperventilations

Journalist and perpetual exaggerator Bill Moyers teamed up with Bernard Weisberger to, once again, complain that neither party is removing money from politics in the Huffington Post (Where Is the Outrage): Let’s begin with the judicial legerdemain of nine black-robed magicians on the Supreme Court back in the l880s breathing life into an artificial creation called […]

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Media Watch: Mother Jones’ Andy Kroll on The Reformers Strike Back

 Although Andy Kroll’s recent article in Mother Jones mentions a number of accomplishments the free speech community has achieved over the years, it suggests that the movement is losing its momentum: Over the past year, campaign finance reformers—including Democracy 21 president Fred Wertheimer and Campaign Legal Center president (and Stephen Colbert’s “personal lawyer”) Trevor Potter—have notched several […]

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