Self-Styled Campaign Finance “Reformers” Jump the Shark

Self-Styled Campaign Finance “Reformers” Jump the Shark Ten Stunts, Antics, and Exploits That Show Many Anti-Free Speech Activists Have Lost It By Luke Wachob Introduction What do activists do when the government isn’t prioritizing their cause? What does the head of a federal agency do when she doesn’t get her way? What do “good government” […]

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Delusions about “Dysfunction”: Understanding the Federal Election Commission

Supporters of more regulation of political speech increasingly seek to discredit the Federal Election Commission (FEC) – the agency with exclusive civil enforcement of federal campaign finance laws. The purpose of these attacks is twofold: first, to pressure other federal agencies, such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal […]

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The Non-Expert Agency: Using The SEC To Regulate Partisan Politics

Over the past 15 years, advocates of campaign finance reform, frustrated by the structure and design of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), have attempted to offload the duties of campaign finance regulation to other federal agencies, most notably the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but also the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Recently, these efforts have expanded […]

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Media Watch: Unethical attack by CREW’s Melanie Sloan

Melanie Sloan today took an unethical shot at Federal Election Commissioner Donald McGahn, writing in Politico that he “has boasted, ‘I’m not enforcing the law as Congress passed it. … I plead guilty as charged.’ Yet enforcement of our campaign finance laws is critical to instilling confidence in the integrity of public officials and federal […]

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It’s the Spending, Stupid: Understanding Campaign Finance in the Big-Government Era

In this briefing paper, Patrick Basham confronts the concern that the United States spends too much money on campaigns and elections. That proposition is difficult to sustain since the nation spends so little of its wealth on campaigns. In addition to accounting for inflation, any increase in election spending should also be seen in the […]

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