A Dysfunctional FEC? Calling Inigo Montoya

We hear a lot these days about a “dysfunctional” Federal Election Commission, including from the Agency’s own Chair, Ann Ravel, who, after a promising start, has apparently decided it’s not worth the trouble to work constructively within the Agency she nominally heads, and Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, whose lengthy tenure has coincided with the alleged agency […]

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Is "campaign finance reform" about good governance?

From a recent announcement about an upcoming appearance by FEC Vice-Chair Ann Ravel, co-hosted by The League of Women Voters and RepresentUs.org, two groups that advocate more restrictions of political funding and speech: “Regardless of your issue — fear of our democracy becoming a “Dollarocracy,” or concern about corporate interference in addressing climate change and community clean […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.