Do State Campaign Finance Reforms Reduce Public Corruption?

CCP Academic Advisor and Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Jeff Milyo, and Adriana Cordis, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of South Carolina Upstate, released a working paper in conjunction with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, which systematically examined the effects of campaign finance laws on actual corruption rates […]

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Media Watch: Good News for Campaign Finance

The NY Time’s David Firestone published a post on the Time’s Editorial Page Editor’s blog last week decrying the post-election spending results.  Titled “Bad News for Campaign Finance,” the post was in many ways a sign of how the First Amendment protections have been prevailing over ridiculous political speech restrictions and citizens have been more involved than […]

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Another Poor Idea for New York

The Campaign Finance Institute has released a study on implementing taxpayer financed political welfare for politicians in the Empire State.  Claiming that this would cost New York taxpayers only about two dollars per resident, University of Albany professor and CFI’s Executive Director Michael Malbin also claims in the report that: “There is no question that big […]

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Nebraska Done with Matching Funds

It nearly went unnoticed but a court in Nebraska has decided to follow the Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett, a decision that was greeted with horror by reformers in 2011 because it declared “the use of ‘matching funds,’ whereby a privately-financed candidate for political office would be forced to trigger […]

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Connecticut Clean Elections running out of cash

Watchdogs up in Connecticut are apparently worried that the state’s “Clean Elections” fund may run dry by the next election cycle in 2014 due to budget cutbacks and several fiscal “raids” on the fund, totaling nearly $59 million, as the state struggles to manage its finances. According to this report by CT Mirror: “The combination […]

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Testimony of CCP President Sean Parnell to the Maine Joint Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs

Written testimony of CCP President Sean Parnell at a March 28, 2011 hearing of the Maine Joint Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs on the topic of LD 659, concerning a repeal of the Maine Clean Election Act.

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