Solicitation and Coordination

  It’s frustrating for an academic when one’s work is misinterpreted. It’s even more frustrating when that misinterpretation is your own fault, and the “misinterpretation” bears an uncanny resemblance to what you actually wrote. This arises because there seems to be a growing debate over whether a candidate can solicit funds for a Super PAC […]

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The Curious Case of Contribution Limits in an Era of Independent Expenditures

Minnesota was one of eight states to raise contribution limits in 2013, but according to some, the Gopher State hasn’t gone far enough to resolve concerns surrounding its campaign finance system. The AP reports: Minnesota campaign finance regulators are wrestling with how to maintain proper separation between candidates and political groups independently spending money on […]

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'Super PACs' and the Role of 'Coordination' in Campaign Finance Law

In the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC, the Court struck down a federal ban on independent expenditures in political campaigns by corporations. The Court held that independent spending could not create the type of “corruption” that the Court has recognized as a compelling government interest sufficient to overcome the intrusion of […]

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Daily Media Links 7/26: Groups ask FEC to blur lines between candidates, super PACs and nonprofits, Bundlers Give to Both Parties, and more…

Independent groups Politico: Dawn of the Mommy and Daddy PACs  By KENNETH P. VOGEL Talk about helicopter parents: Candidates’ rich mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters increasingly are pouring cash into super PACs that support their loved ones’ campaigns — a phenomenon that critics say tests the bounds of both contribution limits and rules barring coordination between […]

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Another “Scandal” Demonstrates Why Further Disclosure is Overboard

Any entity that engages in politics is susceptible to criticism.   Today’s Politico has an article about a California race in detailing a candidate ‘s attack on his opponent’s super PAC (Campaign hits corporation donation): PG&E, under scrutiny after a pipeline explosion this fall left eight dead, contributed $10,000 to a super PAC supporting California Democratic […]

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FEC Investigations are No Joke

Last night, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show continued their on-going gag involving the “Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC”. We’ve embedded the clip below, where Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (with call-in legal advice from former FEC Commissioner Trevor Potter) get as close to the line of “not coordinating” as humanly […]

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