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Goldwater Institute Study on Arizona’s Taxpayer-financed Elections

A Goldwater Institute published by Allison Hayward about Arizona’s taxpayer financed elections.

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FEC Takes Light Touch with Internet Regulations

Brad Smith’s warnings, that bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign’s website, have hit home. He raises some important questions, in this interview with Declan McCullagh.

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Citizens Do Not Favour Regulation of Blogs

Brad Smith, quoted at DailyKos, says, "Polls show that citizens do not favor those who support regulating bloggers or political commentary on the Internet". Support from bloggers and others who believe in non-regulation of the internet just proved Brad right.

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Polls Show that Citizens Do Not Favor Regulating Bloggers on the Internet

PRESS RELEASE: March 15, 2006

Media Contact:

Bradley A. Smith, Center for Competitive Politics (614) 236-6317

Stephen M. Hoersting, Center for Competitive Politics (703) 682-6359

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CCP’s Views on Grassroots Lobbying Gather Adherents

See CCP’s piece last month in National Review Online on so-called "grassroots lobbying" disclosure, where Smith and Hoersting wrote that “[f]ar from being the problem, grassroots lobbying is part of the solution to restoring the people’s faith in Congress.” The policy primer, on which the NRO piece is based, is gaining some acceptance inside the beltway, and much support from non-profit organizations protective of their right to advocate policy positions to fellow citizens.

You may access the Policy Primer here.

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Fooling the Court

In this article, Capital University Law Professor and Center for Competitive Politics Chairman and Co-Founder Brad Smith addresses two 2006 Supreme Court cases relating to campaign finance. Specifically, he argues that the Court is often fundamentally misled about the nature of money in politics. Smith analyzes the factual components of recent cases League of United […]

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Predictions on Randall v Sorrell

Erik Jaffe, counsel of record to CCP in its amicus brief, predicts which way the opinion will swing in Randall v Sorrell. He feels confident that the Act 64 expenditure limits will be struck down, and the dollar limits on contribution will be found unconstitutionally low.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.