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Kudos to the Federal Election Commission

CCP’s Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Brad Smith gives kudos to the Federal Election Commission, which has decided to defend its 2004 decision not to regulate all so-called "527" committees in his diary at For those who are not familiar with the controversy over 527s, Smith explains, "…regulating all 527s as political committees is taking the hated 30/60 day brownout and applying it year round".

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FEC Makes the Right Decision on 527s

PRESS RELEASE: May 31, 2006

Media Contact:

Bradley A. Smith (614) 236-6317

To read the entire release, click on the title above.

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Washington Municipalities’ No New Gas Tax Argument has no Amici

IJ’s Michael Bindas notes in the Seattle PI that while CCP and others have filed amicus briefs for the No New Gas Tax Initiative Committee in the Washington State Supreme Court, no one has filed a brief on behalf of the government.  This, says Bindas, is because “[t]he campaign’s appeal is no publicity stunt or political cause.  It is an American cause … The groups know, as do most Washingtonians, that the municipalities’ suit agaist the I-912 campaign was a threat to the very principles upon which our nation was founded.”

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Online Freedom of Speech Act is Needed, says Smith – at RedState

CCP’s Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Brad Smith reports in his diary at that the FEC wisely loosened the rules applicable to bloggers. Nevertheless, he alerts that the Online Freedom of Speech Act is still needed because the anti-free speech community, which sees "every bit of freedom … as a potential threat", can still use litigation in an effort to stalemate any attempts to liberate free speech.

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Diverse Coalition Lines Up to Support Free Political Speech

The Institute for Justice joins hands with CCP and other supporters such as the Cato Institute to fight Vermont’s Act 64, which imposes expenditure limits on candidate campaigns, and has some of the lowest contributions limits in the country.

To obtain a copy of the brief, click on the title above. 

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Amicus Brief: San Juan County v. No New Gas Tax

Download Amicus Brief

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John McCain: Clean Government is Preferred to First Amendment Rights

CCP’s Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Brad Smith doubts in his diary at whether Senator John McCain took an oath to defend the Constitution because, according to his own words on Don Imus’s  show, he “would rather have a clean government than one where … First Amendment rights are respected”. Smith reminds us that McCain himself is an extremely successful fund raiser and he has had some “corruption” issues of his own in the past.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.