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The Democrats campaign finance reform hypocrisy

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Disclosure: whales and minnows

The push for robust disclosure of campaign donations is hardly new. The cycle between limiting spending and exposing who has donated has largely dominated the debate on campaign reform for roughly one hundred years. After the generally accepted failure of McCain-Feingold and the Supreme Court’s opinion allowing for corporations to spend directly from their treasuries on independent expenditures, the pendulum has swung back to disclosure.

The campaign regulation lobby typically finds disclosure to be a safe fall-back. The merits of disclosing donations have been widely praised by members of both political parties. Nearly every time the constitutionality of mandated disclosure has come before the Supreme Court, the justices have blessed the practice. The last time the issue came before the Court, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, eight justices approved disclosure’s constitutionality.

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Political philanthropy from the Koch brothers to Soros

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Koch Executives Speak Out on Wisconsin

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Junk Disclosure: Florida

Today we feature another state that requires stupid and useless campaign finance disclosure. In the last two posts, lengthy and burdensome disclaimer notices were  responsible for the junk disclosure. Today, we take on Florida’s “first dollar” reporting requirements.

Yes, if you contribute a dollar to any Florida candidate, party or PAC, that transaction is reported and filed away with the Florida Department of State Division of Elections. Where they can be searched via internet.  Back to 1996.

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Senate Dems plan their own shadow fund-raising network

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The unions are big money

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Rampant violations of Wisconsin election law?

Elsewhere on this blog, Sean Parnell has pointed out some of Wisconsin’s oppressive laws against free speech, and how compelled disclosure of political activity raises serious issues about citizens rights. 

Just looking briefly at Wisconsin law, it appears that many of those demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker’s labor proposals may be in violation of Wisconsin law. 

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Been there, disclosed that

A former member of Congress, who helms a campaign reform organization, boldly declared that “[i]t is now an accepted opinion that a contributor to a political committee has no right to secrecy.”  

The reform lobby is backed by the leader of the country’s most prominent labor union, the presidents of the country’s elite universities, former U.S. presidents and major party nominees, state governors, and one of the country’s most brilliant industrialists.

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Why DC’s Office of Campaign Finance needs a major overhaul

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.