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Daily Media Links 2/29

In the News NPR: Shareholders Want Political Spending Transparency Quotes Allen: In practice, what this will do is require any corporation that wants to use its constitutional rights to submit to a highly politicized, highly partisan debate every year on how they go about doing it. Read more… CCP Brad Smith: Has the Supreme Court implicitly overruled […]

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Citizens United, Harper’s Index, and media misinformation

Last week we noted that Harper’s Magazine’s popular Harper’s Index had published the preposterous claim that 72 percent of all political ads in 2010 would have been illegal before Citizens United. After our take down, Harper’s published a correction. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the number is now out there, and we suspect […]

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Daily Media Links 2/28

Independent groups ABC News: Watchdog Group Says Romney Super PAC Broke Election Law A group that fights for campaign finance disclosures formally filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday,  claiming that the “super PAC” supporting Mitt Romney is illegally showing an ad from the candidate’s 2008 run for president. Read more… Huffington Post: Rise […]

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John Liu Treasurer Arrested

DATELINE: Feb. 28th, 2012 CONTACT: Sarah Lee, Communications Director, The Center for Competitive Politics, 770.598.7961 ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Center for Competitive Politics released a statement today following news that New York City Comptroller John Liu’s treasurer was arrested today on charges stemming from the fundraising scandal associated with his office. “The arrest is more evidence that public […]

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Just when you thought it was safe…

John Liu’s campaign is in legal trouble again. The New York City comptroller has again found himself the subject of scrutiny since his campaign treasurer has been charged with funneling illegal contributions to his campaign, allegedly in order to circumvent the $4,950 limit on individual contributions. Campaign treasurer Jia “Jenny” Hou was accused of failing […]

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Has the Supreme Court implicitly overruled NAACP v. Alabama? How campaign finance reform threatens our rights.

On Monday (Feb. 27) the Supreme Court refused to hear National Organization for Marriage v. McKee. In that case, the National Organization for Marriage (“NOM”) had unsuccessfully challenged a Maine law that required it to register with state and disclose detailed information about its members and its finances before it could speak out about politics in […]

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Daily Media Links 2/27

In the News Roll Call, Eliza Newlin Carney: Campaign Finance Onus Placed on Agencies   And even regulatory fixes could prove elusive. The IRS, for one, has long proved loath to involve itself in fights over regulating political activity, noted David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, which promotes free speech and political deregulation. […]

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Are Super PACs taking over?

Given all the hysteria about “Super PACs” – for an antidote, check out Wendy Kaminer in the Atlantic – here’s a tidbit worth passing along: through February 22, all Super PACs combined had raised a total of  $130,330,844. Through January 31, President Obama’s re-election campaign alone had raised a total of $136,886,599. From the Atlantic […]

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Daily Media Links 2/24

In the News The Economist: The hands that prod, the wallets that feed  Quotes Brad: Far from usurping the democratic process and narrowing voters’ options, super PACs are actually adding to them, argues Bradley Smith, another former FEC commissioner.  Read more… KPCC: Can Super PACs benefit the electoral process? Bradley A. Smith, Chairman of the Center for […]

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Daily Media Links 2/23

In the News USA Today, Allen Dickerson: Opposing view: We don’t need more disclosure on campaign ads Buried in the fine print of the Disclose Act are provisions that impede advocacy groups challenging incumbent politicians or working to influence legislation.   Read more… Independent groups Cato Institute, John Samples: Obama’s Change of Heart on SuperPACs Cato […]

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