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Daily Media Links 4/30: Will McCain Fight For Campaign Finance Reform?, Republicans Support ‘Disclose Act’ … Next Year, and more…

In the News Wall Street Journal: The New Rules for Political Donations  By Rachel Louise Ensign To give, “the donor should contact the super PACs he thinks may be ideologically in tune with him. Like when you give to any organization, you have to do due diligence,” says David Keating, president of the Center for Competitive […]

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FCC, prodded by “reformers,” moves to strengthen Super PACs

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday kicked out a rule that has the potential to increase the influence of Super PACs in the 2012 and future campaigns. For many years, the FCC has required broadcasters to maintain a file of political advertising. This includes: “(A)    whether the request to purchase broadcast time is accepted or rejected […]

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Daily Media Links 4/27: Money Won’t Win Presidency but It Might Buy Congress, Mark Pryor Contributor Cops to Internship Flub, and more…

Independent groups ABC News: Forget Super PAC’s, Outside Spending By Non-Profits, Businesses, Is Way More Secretive By Elizabeth Hartfield However,  there is another group of spenders who have been actively participating in the campaign cycle: non-profit groups and other businesses.  According to figures from the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG),  nonprofits and business groups have […]

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Daily Media Links 4/26: Mystery Internship Plagues Pryor, Donors ‘coming out of the woodwork’, and more…

Independent groups Washington Post, Blog: Americans hate super PACs. But will they vote against them? By Chris Cilizza Look no further than the Utah Republican Party convention over the weekend. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) took a strong majority of the vote and nearly avoided having to go to a June primary with his opponent — […]

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Daily Media Links 4/25: An Unlikely Coalition in New York Pushes Cuomo on Public Finance, and more…

In the News Politico: Legal experts question theory of Edwards case  By Robin Bravender “Government officials should not be stretching laws beyond their normal meaning to get people just because they don’t like those people, because they want to get a nice scalp,” said former FEC Chairman Bradley Smith, a conservative.    Read more… Politico: Is John […]

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More campaign finance disclosure silliness

Since everyone is all atwitter that this year’s presidential campaign will somehow set some new bar for negativity, it is worth remembering the attacks made on Abraham Lincoln, which were not only often vicious (e.g. “His head is shaped something like a ruta-bago, and his complexion is that of a Saratoga trunk. His hands and […]

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Daily Media Links 4/24: White Gloves Not Needed, RNC knocks Obama over lobbyist coziness, and more…

Independent groups Institute for Justice: Who Wants to Overturn Citizens United? Self-Serving Elected Officials. By Bill Maurer Who, exactly, are the “grassroots” to which they refer? According to the story, 14 people spoke at the press conference. Of the 14, 13 were elected officials; one was a private citizen.  Read more… Washington Post: How to beat Citizens […]

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Super PACs are just a “new bottle containing some very old wine (or, perhaps, whine…)”

Business Insider postulates in a piece posted today that all the hemming and hawing over what will surely be a most negative presidential campaign is probably kind of true. It is also nothing new. Writer Chris Weigant does a superb job of taking some of the overblown hype out of discussion of what he calls the […]

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In the News: Politico: Is John Edwards a criminal or just a jerk?

Is John Edwards a criminal or just a jerk? By Bradley A. Smith Not yet having all the facts available, it is hard to say much definitive about Edwards’ case. But as a general rule, people should keep in mind that many people do many things to help politicians that are not campaign finance contributions. […]

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Daily Media Links 4/23: Liberals should leave our First Amendment alone,Struggling Obama super-PAC asks Clinton for help, and more…

Independent groups Washington Examiner: Liberals should leave our First Amendment alone Editorial The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment has long been understood to protect the political speech of the American people, individually and in groups, from government interference. But today’s Democrats, evidently upset that there is too much political speech going on in the election process, […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.