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ALEC has Moyers Working Hard

Bill Moyers has apparently created a documentary entitled “The United States of ALEC” wherein he chronicles, according to the Common Cause blog, the fact that ALEC is supposedly: writing laws in all 50 states, everything from rolling back environmental regulations to gutting workers’ rights. This might shock you; after all, don’t we elect legislators to […]

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Daily Media Links 9/28: Should partisans be in charge of our elections?, Brown camp reported no payments to ex-treasurer, and more…

Independent groups Bloomberg: An Obama Super PAC With Swearing, Sex and Guns  By Justin Bachman In an election year when the Koch brothers and casino king Sheldon Adelson have deployed their fortunes for Republicans, you’ve heard little about the political operator Mik Moore. He’s a left-leaning New Yorker who runs a Jewish super PAC working […]

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Daily Media Links 9/27: Report details Maxine Waters ethics case debacle, Democrats shift ad buys in bid for House, and more…

Independent groups Politico: Super PACs get new use — as lobbying arms on Hill    By Dave Levinthal So for some issue interest groups, super PACs are a potentially major complement to — if not upgrade over — traditional, Capitol Hill lobbying in their ability to bring heat on lawmakers and twist their arms toward their […]

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Daily Media Links 9/26: Romney Camp Talks of Dialing Down Fund-Raising, Romney’s nightmare scenario, and more…

In the News Wall Street Journal: McGurn: The Chick-fil-A War Is Back On  By WILLIAM MCGURN Mr. Smith says that many Americans who favor disclosure do not perceive that these requirements might make them targets. For example, if you were a gay-marriage supporter working in the midst of an evangelical Christian business in a deep-red state, […]

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Daily Media Links 9/25: Senate campaigns attacking opponents for ties to lobby groups, Voters With Real Power, and more…

In the News Learn Liberty (IHS): Is Money Speech?  Brad Smith Americans have the right to free speech, but what does that include? Is money a form of speech?   Watch… Independent groups Wall Street Journal: Super PAC Influence Falls Short Of Aims  By NEIL KING JR. So far, these super PACs are looking less than super. […]

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IHS/CCP Video Collaboration: Video #2 – Is Money Speech?

CCP Founder and Chairman Bradley Smith appears in video number 2 of the Institute for Humane Studies’ Learn Liberty Series featuring campaign finance issues, questions, and policies. This time, Smith asks listeners to provide their own thoughts on whether or not they think money equals speech in elections. He sets the question up thusly: “You know […]

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Daily Media Links 9/24: Yes, I donated to Obama, but I didn’t mean to, Congress Exiting to Campaign Leaving Pileup of Issues, and more…

In the News California Watch: Regulators urged to crack down on donations to bond measures  By Will Evans  The Center for Competitive Politics, which advocates and litigates against campaign finance regulations, warned [PDF] securities officials that they are treading on constitutionally shaky ground. Any effort to curtail contributions probably would be challenged in court, said Allen […]

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CSG Colorado Hearing to be rescheduled following election

UPDATE: The hearing set for tomorrow in Denver, Colo. has been vacated. According to the order issued by Senior Judge John Kane: “Plaintiff’s requests for preliminary and permanent injunctive relief were consolidated and are set for a full-day trial/hearing tomorrow, Friday, September 21, 2012. Given the unlikelihood proponents of a ‘personhood’ amendment will salvaged for […]

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Daily Media Links 9/21: Google reevaluates lobbying contracts, Candidate offered to drop out – for a price, and more…

In the News Washington Examiner: Court ruling a boon to privacy, accuracy  By Allen Dickerson and Bradley Smith This week, a unanimous federal appeals court struck a small but telling blow for privacy, free speech and accurate campaign disclosure. In Van Hollen v. Federal Election Commission, the lower court had ruled that organizations making electioneering communications […]

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Daily Media Links 9/20: Retaliation charges false, Congress Nearing End of Session Where Partisan Input Impeded Output, and more…

CCP CCP Responds to MSRB Call for Comments  By Sarah Lee CCP sent comments to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board  (MSRB) late Monday in an attempt to address the proposed changes to MSRB Rule G-37 and potential unconstitutionality of that rule in light of later decisions such as Citizens United v. FEC and v. FEC.   […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.