New York Times: Utah Group Files Complaint Against Mia Love Over Fund-Raising (In the News)

New York Times: Utah Group Files Complaint Against Mia Love Over Fund-Raising

By Astead W. Herndon

Alliance for a Better Utah, a progressive nonprofit, filed the complaint with the Federal Election Commission and sent a detailed letter to the commission’s general counsel and the chief of the public integrity section at the Department of Justice’s criminal division. The letter, which comes after the commission forced Ms. Love to acknowledge that some of her primary funds had been improperly raised, argues that Ms. Love’s “actions are a betrayal of the public trust and of Utah voters,” and “should be subject to criminal penalties.” …

Former F.E.C. commissioners said that even with the progressive alliance’s new complaint against Ms. Love, it is unlikely she will experience additional consequences. The bar is extremely high to prove criminal wrongdoing in campaign finance cases, they said.

“It seems like she’s already acknowledged impropriety and agreed to remove and not keep some of the money, I just don’t see this as something the F.E.C. would spend its resources on,” Ann Ravel, a Democrat who served as the organization’s commissioner under former President Barack Obama.

A Republican counterpart agreed.

“This is going to be pretty tough for them to find anything really against her,” said Bradley Smith, a former head of the commission under former President George W. Bush. “Love’s campaign may have tried to game the system, but if you can game the system – you game the system.”

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