Independent Spending & Incumbency, 2010

Using information obtained from the New York Times, Real Clear Politics, state websites, and the Center for Responsive Politics, we were able examine the amount of independent spending against 2010 House incumbents in order to see if there is a correlation between independent spending and the competitiveness of campaigns. We compared spending against incumbents who […]

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“Cash and Carry Larry” finally cashes out

New York City Councilman Larry Seabrook, whose adventures in brazen corruption were chronicled in our report “Clean Elections and Scandal: Case Studies from Maine, Arizona and New York City”, was convicted yesterday on nine counts of funneling public money to shady non-profits run by his family members, doctoring receipts, accepting kickbacks for public contracts and […]

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Are corporate campaign contributions good or bad for shareholders?

The argument that corporate spending on political campaigns is making companies rich has been screamed ad infinitum by the media and pro-regulation groups like Common Cause. It comes as somewhat of a surprise then, that Harvard Law Professor John Coates IV argued in a research paper published a few months ago that corporate spending is […]

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Response to Politico article on Super PACs

Politico recently published an article bashing super PACs in the presidential race, so it might be helpful to offer some counterpoints to the assault. As with much of the language against super PACs, this latest piece is heavier on apocalyptic visions and appeals to emotion than facts or reason, but it does offer some specific […]

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Outside Spending and Incumbency in Indiana

Fox News reported that Senator Dick Lugar R-IN, lost his renomination bid after 35 years in office. Lugar is expected to be one of a very few incumbent senators to lose his primary bid, according to the article, having been defeated by Tea Party challenger Richard Mourdock. According to Fox: “Lugar’s campaign spent $6.7 million […]

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Connecticut Clean Elections running out of cash

Watchdogs up in Connecticut are apparently worried that the state’s “Clean Elections” fund may run dry by the next election cycle in 2014 due to budget cutbacks and several fiscal “raids” on the fund, totaling nearly $59 million, as the state struggles to manage its finances. According to this report by CT Mirror: “The combination […]

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Super PAC report reveals blatant partisan bias

Its always fun to tease out the poorly-supported assertions, strawmen, and unsubstantiated claims of the pro-regulation bloc. Fortunately, they make it very easy. One of the most commonly asserted assumptions, though rarely stated, is the idea that the rich shouldn’t be allowed to spend money on campaigns because they are somehow different from the rest […]

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Just when you thought it was safe…

John Liu’s campaign is in legal trouble again. The New York City comptroller has again found himself the subject of scrutiny since his campaign treasurer has been charged with funneling illegal contributions to his campaign, allegedly in order to circumvent the $4,950 limit on individual contributions. Campaign treasurer Jia “Jenny” Hou was accused of failing […]

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Study says political ads grow nastier

On page two of the Express, I was greeted on this morning’s metro ride with this article: “Study: Political Ads Grow Nastier.” The article cites a recent study by Kantar Media/CMAG that claims that negativity in GOP primary TV ads has shot up a whopping 44% between 2008 and 2012, and claims “it is happening […]

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CPAC retrospective

The Conservative Political Action Conference was once again, the greatest conservative shindig of the year, complete with cigar chomping and scotch sipping, a guy in a fat suit, Jimmy “The Rent is too Damn High” McMillan, and professional protesters with pithy signs outside making a media-friendly ruckus. Within the hallowed halls of the Woodley Marriott, […]

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