Two Years Later: A Condensed Timeline of the IRS Political Targeting Scandal

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CCP v. Harris: Emergency Application for Injunction Pending Certiorari

CCP v Harris Emergency Application Pending Cert 13may2015

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New Study: Longer Presidential Campaigns Correlated With Contribution Limits

CCP Study Shows Post-FEC Era Presidential Campaigns 198 Days Longer On Average Alexandria, VA –  The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), America’s largest non-profit working to promote and defend First Amendment rights to free political speech, assembly, and petition, today released a study showing that since the Federal candidate contribution limits were implemented in 1974, […]

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Survey Says: Investment Managers Not Interested in Making Things Political

A recent survey is once again demonstrating that investment managers are not interested in dragging politics into the corporate governance debate. The Stanford Business School, partnering with RR Donnelley and Equilar, released its “2015 Investor Survey – Deconstructing Proxy Statements.” The survey questioned numerous asset managers and owners with a combined $17 trillion in assets […]

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National Journal: How Super PACs Will Strengthen Democracy in 2016 (In the News)

By Josh Kraushaar It’s easy to get awed by large sums of money these days. Ted Cruz securing $31 million in a week from a new network of supportive super PACs. One wealthy former Philadelphia Eagles owner pledging to spend $10 million to a super PAC to boost Marco Rubio’s campaign. Jeb Bush wowing donors with comments […]

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Statement of David Keating on CCP v. Harris

Center for Competitive Politics president David Keating released the following statement on the 9th Circuit ruling in CCP v. Harris: We are disappointed by the Ninth Circuit’s decision.  We think the decision is wrong and threatens First Amendment speech rights. The ruling asks us to make an impossible choice: either retroactively disclose donors to the […]

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The Libertarian Republic: These People Had Their House Raided By Cops Over Political Speech (In the News)

By Joe Trotter The people targeted in these raids are not violent criminals, they were simply speaking their mind about a pressing public issue. But, unfortunately, Chisholm succeeded where the campaign-finance reform community so often fails: he managed, in practice, to shut down legitimate debate and advocacy by wielding government power in ways that directly contradict the […]

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Coalition Letter in support of “Fair Treatment for All Gifts Act” (H.R. 1104)

April 13, 2015 PDF available here. Dear Representative: The undersigned civil liberties, free expression, and nonprofit advocacy groups and attorneys who represent advocacy organizations have a wide variety of views on the political spectrum. However, we are united in writing to express our strong support of the Fair Treatment for All Gifts Act (H.R. 1104). Application […]

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(Re)Formerly Logical: Mandatory Contracting Disclosure (Cartoon)

  Forcing government bureaucrats to review government contractors’ political ideologies doesn’t help prevent corruption. It simply provides contracting officials with an easy way to choose winners and losers based on politics.

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Independence Institute v FEC: Joint Appendix (DC Circuit Court of Appeals)

Independence Institute v FEC: Joint Appendix (DC Circuit Court of Appeals)   Download PDF here.

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.