CCP Submits Questions the House Should Ask IRS Witnesses

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — David Keating, on behalf of the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), submitted questions to the House Ways & Means Committee in advance of this morning’s hearing questioning witnesses in the scandal currently rocking the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).While commending the Committee for holding the hearing, and offering a strongly-worded warning that the agency […]

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New IRS List Harms Tax-Exempt Groups

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Center for Competitive Politics President David Keating today sent a letter to Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller saying “We are shocked that the IRS released a list of tax-exempt groups that, though ultimately granted exemption, were referred to centralized review. Publication of such lists should immediately stop, and an apology should be […]

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How Much Disclosure?

David Keating appeared on Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture yesterday, discussing disclosure of non-profit information beyond what is already required by law. “There are a lot of good examples…I think there have been many unpopular causes over time where people are not willing to join if their names are going to become public,” Keating told […]

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Center for Competitive Politics urges the Supreme Court not to defer to Congress when reviewing contribution limits

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – The Center for Competitive Politics announced today that it filed an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court supporting the plaintiffs in the case of McCutcheon v. FEC (No. No.12-536).  The case presents a First Amendment challenge to the aggregate contribution limits regime set up by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform […]

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Shifting Blame for the IRS Scandal

The IRS scandal, which really is, at its core, about speech and privacy and the seemingly evergreen call of many lawmakers for a new and burdensome disclosure regime, has apparently sparked the interest of many campaign finance reformers as a sort of justification for a new look at reform. It seems Nancy Pelosi, as reported […]

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Free Speech and the IRS

Just in case there was any doubt about the relationship between the tax status of an organization and its ability to speak freely, John Podhoretz of COMMENTARY Magazine clears things up while addressing the news today that the IRS has apologized for unfairly flagging groups that had the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” for additional […]

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Constitutionally Suspect Nevada Bill Would Chill Nonprofit Groups’ Speech Rights

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Center for Competitive Politics’ External Relations Director Matt Nese submitted comments today to the Nevada Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee on Senate Bill 246, which expands the state’s definition of “committee for political action” to broadly cover many organizations, which only minimally participate in electoral politics. The bill’s revised definition of “committee for political action” uses a monetary trigger that blurs the distinction between […]

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California Bill Requiring Burdensome Disclosure from Nonprofits and Local Groups Would Stifle Speech

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Center for Competitive Politics’ External Relations Director Matt Nese filed comments today on California Assembly Bill 45, currently being considered before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The bill, which introduces a new reporting regime for donors who contribute $200 or more to “multipurpose organizations,” is really, according to Nese, “so broad as to likely be misunderstood by everyday citizen groups that choose to speak on issues unrelated […]

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Keating Testimony Video link

CCP President David Keating testified yesterday before members of the New York State Senate on public financing of elections with a warning that emulating the campaign finance regime of New York City — something Gov. Cuomo has proposed — will not reduce corruption in the state and, in fact, may be one of the causes […]

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Ezra Klein Really Sorry About All That Evil Money Talk

Tuesday, Washington Post’s Ezra Klein took to his Wonk Blog and offered something of an apology for getting “way too excited” over the influence of money in the last election. Given that nearly everyone’s in agreement that the hysteria over big donors buying elections was overblown, Klein feels inclined to begin his mea culpa by […]

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