Promotions for Three Staffers at the Institute for Free Speech

Institute Names Research Director, Communications Director, Media Manager Alexandria, VA – The Institute for Free Speech (IFS) today announced promotions for three staffers. Scott Blackburn, Luke Wachob, and Alex Baiocco will now serve as Research Director, Communications Director, and Media Manager, respectively. “This is a great opportunity to expand IFS’s research portfolio,” said Blackburn, who […]

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Can Free Speech be Progressive? Only if Progressives Speak Freely.

A recent event at the Cato Institute examined the controversial question, “Can Free Speech be Progressive?” The query was posed by professor Louis Michael Seidman of Georgetown University Law Center in his recent article for the Columbia Law Review. This paper is another in a series of articles and op-eds questioning the value of free […]

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Institute for Free Speech Welcomes Senior Attorney Parker Douglas to Legal Team

Alexandria, VA – The Institute for Free Speech (IFS) is pleased to welcome Parker Douglas to its legal team as a Senior Attorney. Parker’s addition to the staff will enable IFS to expand its litigation efforts to protect the political rights to free speech, press, assembly, and petition guaranteed by the First Amendment. “We are excited […]

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Court Agrees with IFS, Rejects $18 Million Campaign Finance Fine

Alexandria, VA – The Court of Appeals for the State of Washington Division II yesterday overturned part of a lower court decision that imposed an $18 million fine for a campaign finance violation. The court agreed with an Institute for Free Speech amicus brief in the case that argued the violation was not intentional as a […]

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Disclosure Laws Will Hurt Minority Views

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman is calling for a boycott of In-N-Out burger because, horror of horrors, the company donates to Republicans. No discussion of whether In-N-Out burger is good or bad for the state. No talk about whether the company’s employees deserve to be harmed by the political affiliations of management, or discussion […]

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Government Should Not Enable Political Violence

Earlier this month, the Berkeley Police Department published on Twitter the names, photos, ages, and cities of residence of protesters arrested at a “No to Marxism” rally that took place in the city. According to reports, the photos were of “Antifa” (short for anti-fascist) counter-protesters who were at the rally to oppose the message of […]

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Petition to FEC for Rulemaking to Revise 11 C.F.R. § 100.52 (Independent Expenditure Donor Reporting)

PDF of letter available here Federal Election Commission Office of General Counsel 1050 First Street NE Washington, D.C. 20463 Re: Petition for Rulemaking to Revise 11 C.F.R. § 100.52 Dear Commissioners: Pursuant to 11 C.F.R. §§ 200.1-200.6, the Institute for Free Speech petitions the Federal Election Commission to conduct a rulemaking to amend the definition of “Contribution” […]

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Court Ruling on Independent Expenditures Creates New Risks for Groups

A recent federal district court ruling threw out a long-standing Federal Election Commission independent expenditure donor reporting rule. There are many unanswered questions about the impact and reach of the decision. Some of these questions raise very serious First Amendment concerns about associational and donor privacy.

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Social Media Platforms are Censoring Everyone, Not Just Conservatives

Over the weekend, President Trump took to Twitter to complain about social media companies censoring conservatives. The President also declared that his administration would not let this supposed censorship continue. It’s unclear what prompted this latest string of tweets, but the President’s tweets reflect the attitude of many on the political right. The view that […]

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Wells Fargo Closes Campaign’s Bank Account over Disagreement with Donors

Add a new chapter to the debate over private regulation of speech. Wells Fargo closed the bank account of a Florida candidate who received campaign contributions from lobbyists from the medical marijuana industry. The candidate, Nikki Fried, is herself a former medical marijuana lobbyist-turned candidate for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Wells Fargo […]

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The Center for Competitive Politics is now the Institute for Free Speech.